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If you would like to review your game, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Just contact the Site Manager at  We will never say no to a game review opportunity!   We are completely honest with our opinions, and if your game isn’t one of the best, we will give you our complete and honest feedback.

Sometimes we take a bit longer than other sites to get our reviews up.  This is necessary in order for our reviewers to fully understand and grasp the nature of the specific game they’re reviewing.  We pride ourselves in having non-biased, informed reviews that honestly reflect the authors opinion. Our reviews cover all aspects of your game, including muliplayer content for a fully completed review.

OnlySP Scoring Rubric

10: Must Buy. Forget about the price. If your budget is razor-thin, and you can only afford one game, you can’t go wrong here. No game is flawless, but this one succeeds in reaching its ambitions to the point where the flaws simply don’t matter. May transcend genre appeal or revitalize a dead series. Either way, this game should not be missed.

9: Superb. It may not do anything brand new, but this game is fantastic. What it does well, it does very well. Not well enough to gloss over every flaw or problem, but its successes easily outweigh its failures, resulting in a highly memorable experience.

8: Great. When asked if this game deserves a recommendation, there should only be one or two seconds of silence before the question is answered in the affirmative. Sure, this game has problems. But they’re not dire, and the good aspects are really good. The game makes it fairly easy for the player to like it.

7: Good. Although this game isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind, it’s still a fairly solid release. Maybe it’s playing it safe with some time-honored mechanics and flaws, or maybe failed ambition overwhelms the positive aspects. Even though this counts as a recommendation, a few small caveats remain.

6: Above Average. There are some good ideas on display here, but some unfortunate execution prevents them from reaching their full potential. Any recommendation at this level comes with some fairly sizable asterisks.

5: Average. A middle-of-the-road game. If you were to place what succeeds and what doesn’t on a balancing scale, the difference between the two scales would be nigh-imperceivable.

4: Below Average. Utterly forgettable. It’s not a terrible game, but there’s really nothing about it that makes it worth your while. If you can remember playing this game a month later, you must have an incredible memory.

3: Bad. The only memorable aspects of this game are the problems. Whether you’re wrestling with bad controls, fighting against unwieldy systems, or slogging through a poor story, playing this game is a generally unpleasant experience. If there’s anything that works, it’s smothered by what doesn’t.

2: Very Bad. Slivers of quality underneath an ocean of crap. Keeping your head above water is a constant struggle.

1: Unsalvageable. There is nothing about this game that works. It’s ugly, it plays like garbage, it even messes up the sound. How this game was released in this state is nothing short of the greatest mystery known to mankind.

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