Rockstar Games Working on an Unannounced Next-Gen Project, Due this Fiscal Year


Take Two made a pretty big announcement today.

Rockstar will apparently release a new game before March 2015 as noted in the Take-Two financial call today. We’d assume it’s GTA V for the next-gen consoles, considering how much money the game has brought in for Take-Two and Rockstar, and continues to do so it would make sense. But who knows? Maybe we’ll get something about Agent at E3 this year.

I mention E3 because in the call, Rockstar was pressed on whether or not they would be attending to which Take-Two simply responded, “Rockstar has not announced if it will be at E3.” First of all, that’s something to note, simply because most years Rockstar comes right out and says they will not make an E3 appearance. So, the fact that they avoided the question in the call should pique your interest.

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Source – Q4 2014 Take-Two Earnings Conference Call

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