Rumor: Leaked Details for Sledgehammer’s 2014 Call of Duty

We very much dislike posting anonymous tips and will hardly ever do it unless there’s some real good credibility behind it. We were sent a tip back in December and have been sitting on it for a good long while, hoping that sometime soon there might be some extra credibility to support the anonymous tip. With the news coming out on Thursday that Sledgehammer would be developing and releasing the next Call of Duty in 2014, we decided to go ahead and post the tip we were sent. Please, take everything you read below with a huge grain of salt, we are simply passing on the completely unverified information we received, nothing more than that.

According to an anonymous tip sent to us back in December, the next Call of Duty will be the fourth entry in the Modern Warfare series, developed by Sledgehammer Games. The game is set in the year 2018 as a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 3 with the game taking place across Europe and Asia. Captain Price and Nikolai are set to make a return as the two main lead characters and will return to their roles in the British SAS. According to our tipster, the SAS will play a major role in the campaign, most likely being the main focus instead of switching all around different soldiers and teams as in previous Modern Warfare installments. Nikolai will also be a playable character at some point in the game and will actually talk, a first for the Call of Duty series, excepting Price.

Now, the next part of this tip is what had us scratching our heads when we first received it. Our tipster reported that Shadow Company would make a return as the main threat in the game, which is plausible considering General Shepherd seemed to have had a pretty large group of soldiers loyal to his command. That detail makes some sense, but according to the tipster, Shepherd is alive and escaped to Europe following the ending of MW2. He will make a return in Modern Warfare 4 as the main villain according to our source. This seems implausible, considering the Modern Warfare 3 promotional Time Magazine cover poster, which says Shepherd was laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery.


On the other hand, no matter where you aim when you kill Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2, the knife will strike him in the eye. It’s plausible that it may have not killed him. It would be a big plot twist for Sledgehammer to pull off, but not out of the question.

The tipster also told us that there will be a stealth mission taking place in Amsterdam, and another place that will feature a mission will be Shanghai. Aside from the mention of the two cities being featured, other details were not given. From the sound of it, this won’t be another major World War or anything, but more of a focus on the SAS and their hunt for General Shepherd.

Back in January of this year, a LinkedIn profile was found listing a Sledgehammer employee working on the next entry in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise, found by NowGamer. You can view a screenshot of the listing just below.


As we said above, we normally don’t post anonymous tips, but considering some of the details were spot on with Sledgehammer leading development and a release date of 2014, along with the Linkedin posting, we figured we’d go ahead and share the details. We are unable to verify the source’s reliability, so keep this squarely in the rumor category. For now.

To put this rumor in perspective, a user on the Call of Duty subreddit posted these details about Treyarch developing a Call of Duty game for 2014, so we can assume that was certainly fake information there. There is a lot of interest in Call of Duty, and a lot of people willing to make things up. With Activision’s policy of not commenting on rumor or speculation, it’s difficult to verify anything. We’ll keep watching how this develops.

  • Sunnycyde

    Why’d the guy allow his name to be posted online after he leaked info for his job?

    • TheRedButterfly

      Unless I’m reading it incorrectly, the Sledgehammer LinkedIn profile is completely separate from the insider source. Instead, it’s being used as an outside “alternate source” that coincides with the info that the insider purposed.

      I could be wrong, but that’s how I read it.

      • Nick Calandra

        You are correct good sir :)

        • TheRedButterfly


  • Hates bad writers.

    We could very easily spare ourselves this shit heap if we just ignored it. The less we report, the less relevant it is, the better everything will be.

    • Fábio Vieira

      Oh yeah, like it would make any difference.

      Super Bowl commercials, TV spots, large-scale banners, bribed YouTube personalities, the huge fanbase word of mouth, ads, stunts and so on…

    • Scooterdad72

      Don’t hate, appreciate! Everyone else does. these games are good, that’s why people still play them.

      • Hates bad writers.

        You don’t have standards, at all. You disgust me, and I will hate retards like you so long as you’re the reason games are watered down, piles of crap.

    • Scooterdad72

      Games that are terrible get abandoned. Spec Ops the LIne Multiplayer and EA’s Medal of Honor, Warefighter.

      • Raxs

        Games that are terrible don’t get abandoned. Unfortunately, thousands of people will still play modern warfare no matter how crap it is because it is all they play and as far as they know, no such better game exists. It’s brand loyalty and fanboyism that lets franchises get poor and tedious.

  • Adam

    No more MW plz.

  • gamer Ned

    duty is dead

  • dave

    Love to see Captain Price back – hope this game is built for next gen PS4/XB1

  • Xino

    Modern Warfare is done mate!
    MW3 was not really that good though i liked the train action bit.
    MW1 and MW2 story were amazing!
    so no more MW:/

    i haven’t played Ghost yet, will play when price heavily drops down since i only play COD for story not for Multiplayer.
    So we need a new COD cannon. Black Ops 2 was a piece of trash!

    • xDeathoRx

      MW3 IS THE BEST…..

      • Hobo

        You’re funny.

        • xDeathoRx

          HAHAHAHAH Ghosts is the WORST COD EVER DEVELOP!!!!Read what Activision said about that,then talk

      • TheHonestJack

        MW3 was by FAR the worst one. It’s even worse than ghosts.

  • Anthony Leonardo

    PS3 AND XBOX 360 ?????

    • michael

      Yes but its primary made 4 next-gen consoles.

  • Mrteapot

    No more call of duty

    “modern warfare4 Sells millions of copies”

  • Lilu

    It’s a shame that they killed Soap in MW3. I hope Price won’t die in MW4

  • Hatorian

    They should do alternate history World War 2. 1945/6 the Soviets dont stop at Berlin and its US and UK vs Big Red across Europe and now US occupied Japan.

    • hatorian

      This would allow them to add some weaponry and change the background. Which are the main knocks on going back to WW2

    • hatorian

      Or they can take out dropping the bomb and have the US invade Mainland Japan. Boom. sledghammer youre welcome.

  • Navjit Dhillon

    It would be pretty cool to see the SAS back in MW.

  • Eric

    i’m fairly certain this is just fanboy wishing. if we were going to see a new modern warfare, it would have been this year’s game, since infinity ward does that particular series. they also left ghost open ended, so if anything, we’ll see ghost 2 before modern warfare 4. the next one will either be black ops 3 or a new series entirely like ghost

    • Angel Garcia

      Sledgehammer co-created MW3 so MW4 makes sense as the next COD since Treyarch makes black ops and IW made ghosts.

  • Jason

    and lets not forget that the voice actor of Captain Price said himself that he was voicing Modern warfare 4 way back in 2012 (when I guess development must have started) on ‘that’ plane which he couldnt backtrack quick enough!!

    • Nick Calandra

      I was going to include something on that, but he said he was talking about the F2P game for China, the Call of Duty Online game. Guess we’ll find out soon enough if he was foolin or not 😉

      • Jason

        Yeah, but that game uses past assets (and voice) from previous MW games, the china thing is nothing new, it’s a rehashed online game from old MW’s. First he denied speaking to me, then he backtracked, then he said it was CoD China days later…

        I actually can’t wait to find out!!!

        • Nick Calandra

          Hm, very interesting. We’ll know soon, I’m just hoping this guy was spot on with the details he sent us so we can use him again lol.

  • Administrative

    Continue it has become really cool and the story can’t end were it is now

  • kostas

    i hope the new will be made for old gens too…and with ground war

  • kostas

    i mean new game


    They should put something in between MW and MW2 because there is a 5 year difference and we don’t know how Makarov came in.

    • mcc

      Makarov was working with Zakhaev in MW as it showed during Yuri’s flashback. During those 5 years, Makarov was probably gaining strength in the Ultranationalists


        What about Shepard then? We didn’t hear a lot about him. And also, I think it would be cool to set it back to when Captain Price wasn’t a Captain yet.

  • Tayler Hammond

    Um… Didn’t you throw a knife in Shepard’s head at the end of MW2?
    How would he be alive?

  • Wolfman

    I like all the COD games, especially the Black Ops series. So keep up the good work Activison and keep pumping them out!

  • Hornyboy112

    ghost is gonna come back and is gonna be the enemy watch

  • TeddyB

    What if Ghost makes a re-entry into the game again? Since he was in the SAS before what if he comes back?