Warner Bros. Games Montreal May be Developing an Open World Superman Game


Rumor has it that Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the studio responsible for the open-world super hero game, Batman: Arkham Origins, released in 2013, is making a Superman video game through a supposedly leaked screenshot.

The supposedly leaked screenshot from the Superman game shows off a menu which resembles a screen where the player could select the main character’s costume. It lists Superman’s abilities with the costume, as well as his vulnerabilities. The UI buttons are those of an Xbox 360 controller.

This rumor follows last week’s news that WB Games Montreal is hiring to fill 15 positions for an open world action game, which is “a new IP project for next generation game platforms.” The game they are working on will have an online component and, most importantly, WB’s listing describes them as being “a passionate dev team developing DC Comics-focused AAA games that evolve and celebrate the legendary brands of Warner Bros.” Superman would fit the description.

Do you think the rumor is real? If it is, do you think it’s for a new Superman game or could it be for something else? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for more news.

Update: Sources tell us that Warner Bros Montreal isn’t working on a Superman game, but the heavily rumored Suicide Squad game. Neither is confirmed or denied, however, so we’ll leave this as a true rumor for now until we find a source for the image or hear something different.

Source: Twitter

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