Rumour: Watch Dogs 2 Possibly Set In Camden, New Jersey

The recently released Watch Dogs has long been seen by gamers as the first entry of the next big franchise from Ubisoft, and the company wasn’t shy about voicing the same opinion in the wake of the sales success of the game. No sequel has yet been announced, but the Watch Dogs Twitter account has teased an image hinting at the likelihood, as well as outing Camden, New Jersey as its possible location.

Embedded below, the picture mentions that the city had the highest crime rate in the US in 2012 and, as a result, had a 24/7 surveillance program implemented. The implication of the message evokes the narrative of the first game, in which Chicago was largely controlled by the fictional ctOS, which connects the people and systems of the city through a massive database that was taken advantage of by the player character.

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Source: Twitter (@watchdogsgame)

  • Fábio Vieira

    The next Watch Dogs has to be the sequel Assassin’s Creed II was for that series, fulfilling its potential. I, for one, want a more “focused” game (filler content is just that, filler).

    • Raynesdad

      I agree the main mission section was too short. I don’t mind side objectives but put them into the main story as side objectives not stand alone side missions. Regardless the game was great and I can’t wait to take on the next city.

  • JTrip

    Camden is too small and too ugly. It won’t be set there.

  • nah

    Its already been confirmed it’ll be a franchise. So there’s hope yet we’re gonna get a Watch Dogs the way they originally intended it to be.