Sony Asks Developers to Focus on PS4’s Social Features


Sony is asking developers to give attention to the social aspects of the PlayStation 4 when they develop games for the system, according to Chris Cobb, co-founder of Ragtag Studio.

These new social functions, characterized by the new Share button on the DualShock 4, were hyped quite a bit at Sony’s original console reveal back in February. Functions like video capture and live streaming were a big part of the conference, so it’s no surprise that Sony wants developers to take advantage of these features.

“They are asking everyone to put a focus on the social aspects of the platform, like the Share functionality and all that,” Cobb said in an interview with OnlySP. Ragtag Studio’s game Ray’s the Dead was featured on stage at Sony’s E3 presentation this year. In the game, the player controls Ray, a zombie, as he builds up his own zombie horde and embarks on a quest to avenge his own death in this self-proclaimed “Action-Stealth-Puzzler.” Ray’s the Dead is being developed for the PS4, though Cobb said the studio isn’t ready to talk about how they’re implementing social features.

With recent news stories about Nintendo’s reluctance to allow streaming of footage from its games online, it’s interesting to see a huge publisher like Sony actually encourage and facilitate the recording and streaming of its games. In an environment where content producers like YouTube let’s players have often run into copyright issues, it’ll be interesting to see how this encouragement of sharing will affect this ongoing argument.

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