E3 2014

Spec Ops: The Line Developer Announcing New AAA IP at E3 2014


The developer of Spec Ops: The Line, Yager, has just announced they’ll be showing off their new IP at E3 2014.

Currently, the game is known as a F2P title, but that may have changed now as they usually openly talked about it being a F2P title and was listed as so on their website. That listing is not there anymore from what I can tell and is just labeled as a AAA FPS using Unreal Engine 4.

Grey Box is a new upcoming publisher which is currently publishing a new RTS game titled, Grey Goo.

Back in January of this year, we did some digging on Yager’s next project and learned that they may indeed be working on two separate projects which you can see just below via a Linkedin profile from someone working at Yager.


We’ll just have to wait and see, but whatever they’re working on should be an exciting innovative project none the less. Lets just hope for something that’s not F2P and involves another stellar story by the developers of Spec Ops: The Line. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with whatever Yager announces.

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