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Splinter Cell: Blacklist – “We’ve Crammed a LOT into the Campaign”; Longer than Conviction


Zack Cooper, a community developer working on Splinter Cell:Blacklist took to the PS Blog today to answer some burning questions about the game, while also revealing more on the game’s recently announced co-op mode.

I got the chance to submit a few questions, but one question that just about every single player likes to know is how long will the single player campaign last? Now, quantity doesn’t always mean quality, but from what we’ve seen of Blacklist, Splinter Cell fans are in for a treat.

While Cooper couldn’t give me an exact time of how long the game will last, he did explain pretty well that the game’s length will vary depending on your play style. When I asked if the game was longer than Conviction, I got a simple answer.

It is.
By a lot!

The direct quotes from Zack Cooper can be found just below referencing the crammed content in the campaign

I can honestly say that the amount of time will vary relatively dramatically based on how you approach a mission.

If you’re waiting for the opportune time to sneak, it’ll obviously take you longer than those who neutralize every enemy they see. …but then there’s always the fail-rate, right?

If you’re planning on going ultra-aggro… you may find that you’re dying more (and thus, need to restart more).

I don’t know if we’ve got a specific quote as far as the estimated playthough time… but I can say that we’ve crammed a LOT into the campaign (not to mention CO-OP or Spies vs. Mercs)


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