WORK IN PROGRESS (9/10/2016)

Nick Calandra (Site Owner)

Owner and Lead News of OnlySP, also maintains PR and Social Media channels for the site – Nick started OnlySP in the year 2012 as a safe haven for single player video games. He’s currently attending Northwest Missouri State University and is majoring in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Public Relations. He will graduate in the Fall of 2017 and plans to enter into the PR field following the completion of his degree. 

Some of his favorite games currently are The Uncharted Series, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA and Gears of War.

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 Joanna Nelius (Lead Reviews)

Joanna leads the reviews section for OnlySP. She is currently in her final year of graduate school, working on the thesis of all theses — a novel. She’s written previously for UGDB and has published a poem or two. She’s drawn to sci-fi, post-apocalyptic worlds, and games with a generous amount of gore. When she’s not gaming, she’s convincing her friends it’s a good idea to go into abandoned buildings.

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James Billcliffe

Ian Fisher

A Chicago native, Ian is a veteran of the game press industry and enjoys smaller indie games and all things PlayStation.

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Levi Blank

Levi continuously comes too close to the line between “too much gaming” and “just enough gaming.” Currently living in sunny Southern California, he spends his time gaming or eating top notch Vietnamese food.

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Michael Soriano

Michael Soriano is an professional writer with a passion for video games. He views Video Games as an amazing outlet to tell interactive narratives. He has been playing games for over 12 years and some of his favorites include Kingdoms of Amalur, Painkiller, DOOM, The Witcher 3, The Uncharted Series, Deus Ex, and many more. 

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