Survival Horror Game, The Forest, Releases on Steam Early Access Next Week


It’s almost here.

Endnight Game’s first game, The Forest, will be released on Steam Early Access next week on May 22nd, which is exactly a week from today. If you’ve never heard about The Forest, we’d advise you go read our exclusive interview with the developer that provides as much detail as you could ask for on the game. You can also checkout the rest of our coverage on The Forest by following the link.

We’ll be providing heavy coverage for the project once we get our hands-on it in the form of written and media content via our Youtube channel. We’ll be beginning a video series called The Forest Survival Diaries so we hope to see you there at our livestreams and recording sessions. You can checkout the latest trailer for The Forest just below.

Feel free to subscribe to OnlySP’s Youtube account and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news, previews and a review on The Forest. Currently The Forest is only slated to release on the PC for a price of $15, but the developers have noted an interest to bring the game to the PS4 platform as well. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on that as their development progresses.

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