Tales of Zestiria – Debut Gameplay Trailer


Tales of Zestiria, the sixteenth title in the Namco Bandai’s venerable RPG series was announced a couple of weeks ago, becoming the first Tales of game to be confirmed for a worldwide release upon its unveiling. The company today released the first gameplay trailer for the title, and it is looking utterly gorgeous. Bear in mind that the narration and dialogue of this video is all in Japanese.

As it stands, we know that it will be coming exclusively for the PS3, though a release date is unknown. It is widely expected to be available around the time of the series’ twentieth anniversary, which falls in 2015 though whether this is for all regions or just Japan is up in the air as a simultaneous worldwide launch has not been confirmed. For more details on Tales of Zestiria check out our article canvassing the original announcement.

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