Techland on Making Sure the Issues that Plagued Dead Island Don’t Appear in Dying Light


Yesterday we posted a few of the questions that we had answered by the development team at Dying Light focusing on the next-gen and current gen comparisons of the game. If you passed over the new details we received, you can follow the link to get caught up.

Today we have questions answered regarding the issues that plagued Dead Island and how Techland is working to make sure those issues, mainly bug related, don’t occur in Dying Light.

What do you feel was successful about Dead Island that you’ll repeat in Dying Light?

The most important aspect of  Dead Island was the extremely immersive first person open world experience that caught attention of literally millions of players. We hope – and we’re quite confident in it – that Dying Light will repeat that success. The whole process of making Dead Island was a great experience for our studio – we learned a lot, and we’re using all of these lessons while working on Dying Light.

Dead Island has received quite a bit of criticism of the amount of bugs and glitches found within, how are the developers making sure this isn’t the case for Dying Light?

Dead Island was our first open world game so as I was saying we’ve had to learn some lessons, and we’ve had to learn them the hard way. Thankfully since the release of Dead Island our studio expanded threefold and we have more people in all of our departments – including QA. Playtesting and bugsquashing have already begun, so we’re taking all steps required to avoid any such issues with the release of Dying Light. We’re also taking advantage of our partner’s experience and know-how – and if you have the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment as a partner you know you’re in good hands.

Tomorrow we will post the full interview we conducted with producer, Tymon Smektala. In the interview you’ll learn quite a few new details about the game so be sure to check it out. Once that interview is out the door we also have another set of questions to share with you regarding a very interesting indie game developed by the guys who developed FEAR. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know when the interviews go live.

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