The Last of Us Provides Options to Turn off Listen Mode, Melee Prompts and Tag Popups


There were quite a few previews released for The Last of Us this week, most of which were full of positive feedback. However, a number of sources expressed concern about the game, mostly on the side of the game’s stealth mechanics. Players and media alike were hoping for the most hardcore experience possible, and from what we heard from the few people who got to preview the game, they were a bit underwhelmed.

It seems Naughty Dog has listened though, and, as shown in the image below, Naughty Dog is providing players numerous options to make the game as immersive and challenging as they want it to be. One of the major complaints made by previewers focusing on the stealth mode was the inclusion of “Listen Mode” where you could see your enemies outlines through walls etc. A picture of this feature can be seen below. Some previewers also made note of the button prompts during hand to hand combat being carried over from Uncharted 3.


If you’re a seasoned gamer and want the best experience possible from The Last of Us, we’d recommend you turn off the features shown in the picture below, aside from violence of course, if you want a truly hardcore experience. We’ll get to try the game out soon enough as it releases on June 14th exclusively on the PS3


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