Titanfall Dev: Always Online Not The Only Way


The debut title from Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall, may be an always-online experience, but that doesn’t mean that the team is conceited enough to think that that is the only way for games to move forward. In an interview with OXM Respawn’s community manager, Abbie Heppe spoke about the increasingly social focus of the gaming industry:

“It’s such a weird one, I think about the way I play games now, even when I’m playing single players game I’m ‘always online’. I’m always seeing that this person popped up on my friends list, it’s this very social and online even when I’m playing by myself. Unless you turn off all notifications and ignore the world.


“Even when I play on my phone I’m always online. I travel so much I tend to play a ton on mobile devices. It very much is [always online] even when you’re not playing a multiplayer game, because we’ve made the social experience so much of what gaming is now. I get very frustrated when online features aren’t up to speed, I think it’s really just expected.”

However, that does not mean that it should always be the way. Titanfall’s online-only nature is “an easy bullet dodge” when the subject of single player is brought up, though she does go on to say that “there is room” for the solo campaigns and “stuff that isn’t necessarily online“. She goes further to state that developers should not feel forced to incorporate elements that are not to their strengths:

“Even when they’re a single player game, [developers] want to have a multiplayer component, which is sort of silly because I think developers should do what they are best at, and I hate the idea of somebody being forced into adding something into their game that they don’t want to do.”

It is nice to hear this sentiment coming from a developer creating a game that is online-exclusive, while most seem more interested in talking up online functionality. Titanfall is set to launch in mid-March for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source – OXM

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