Top 5 Games Announced at E3 2014

Now that we are a few weeks removed from E3, we are able to look back with a clear view on the good and bad of E3. There were a lot of games announced at this year’s conferences, and many of them were memorable. Here are the top 5 games announced at E3. For this list, games that had been previously announced, games that did not have a true trailer, or games that were not given a name were not included – Sorry, Uncharted 4, Legend of Zelda, and Mass Effect!

#5 – LittleBigPlanet 3

The LittleBigPlanet series and its main character, Sackboy, have been staples to the PlayStation ecosystem since the original game launched on the PS3 back in 2008. The third console installment will, for the first time, feature new characters – named Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop. These 3 paired with Sackboy will solve puzzles together in the lighthearted world that LittleBigPlanet offers, but if you still want to play by yourself,  you can still do that too. LBP3 is being developed by Sumo Digital with coordination with Media Molecule, and is going to make its debut on PS4 and PS3 this November.


#4 – Scalebound

Scalebound was announced at the Xbox press conference as an Xbox One exclusive developed by Platinum Games. The game’s creative director, Hideki Kamiya, said that the game will revolve around dragons and that it will be the game he has wanted to create since he was a child. As always with Platinum Games, Scalebound will be an action game, and it will push the action genre “to new heights”. The reveal trailer showed an epic battle between dragons, and hopefully we will be able to fight dragons in the full game. Currently, there is no release date or window for Scalebound.


#3 – Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft has had a big reveal at the end of their press conference for the past few years, and this year’s reveal was Rainbow Six: Siege. The reveal showed a multiplayer match between two 5-player teams trying to capture a hostage. Siege looked to have many strategic elements to its gameplay. However, since we are Only Single Player, we were happy to find out that Siege will also have a single player campaign that they will show “very soon”. Rainbow Six: Siege will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015.


#2 – Crackdown

One franchise that Xbox owners have been clamoring for on Xbox One since its announcement is Crackdown, but aside from a logo at the reveal event, there was no news on a new Crackdown game, until now. The games was finally revealed as a reboot at E3 this year and featured a CGI trailer. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4.. It can be played alone or with friends, and there will also be an entirely new competitive mode. The power of the cloud will be used here to power the destruction of the city in Crackdown, and it will release exclusively on Xbox One.


#1 – Bloodborne

Sony has been dormant with the Demon’s Souls IP since its launch in 2009, and many people were asking for a sequel. Now, From Software and game director Hidetaka Miyazaki are creating a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, called Bloodborne. Just like the Souls series, it is an action RPG that will be just as terrifying and unforgiving. In the game, you travel through the city of Yharnam after an illness has spread through the city, and you must find ways to survive. Bloodborne will be the first time that guns will be included in the series, and will take a faster approach to gameplay. Miyazaki has said that it is like the Tower of Latria level in Demon’s Souls made as a full game. Bloodborne will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in early 2015.


There were many exciting new games revealed at E3 2014, and we couldn’t cover all of them in this list. Let us know which games you are excited for from E3 in the comments section below. Also, for everything on single player games, follow OnlySP on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

  • sai rohanth

    it’ll be nice if u include infamous second son.

    • Henry

      What? Lol

      • uvdevnull

        Yeah, seriously… Welcome to 2014 :-)

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      You mean Infamous Second Teenie Bopper Son? Lol that game is so gay looking bro!

      • 54nakaD

        At least its more fun than titanfail.

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          lol says who?

          Metacritic dissagrees, titanfall is better than the repettive 10 hour campaign of infamous, i played the first infamous, it was so bad that i swore not to touche that franchise ever again.

  • corvusmd

    1) Rainbow 6 Seige
    2) Zelda Wii U
    3) Crackdown
    5) Bloodbourne

    Honorable mentions to Phantom Dust and Halo MCC (a remake, but a HELL of a remake, I’d actually put it at #3, but figured since it’s a remake it’s disqualified). There are other games I’m more interested in than some of these, but they were already announced before E3.

  • Dakan45

    funny i thoguht allthose were irrelevant, i dont get the hype for bloodborne no gamepaly was shown.

    • 54nakaD

      Of course you would say that. You are biased.

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        Look at your user name, look who is biased.

        Then again i am not gettiny hyped for a game just because its a sony exlsusive or because its basicly a dark souls mod.

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