This past year has been filled with gamers all around the world arguing their case on which next-gen console is superior. However, if we really think about next-gen, it’s not about the consoles, but about the games. It always boils down to the games. With that in mind, I’ve come up with the top 5 next-gen games that we know about. Let’s begin.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

The inFAMOUS series has gained quite a bit of popularity since its inception, and what better way to hype up a new console than introducing a brand new inFAMOUS character with new graphically impressive powers to roam around in the gorgeous city of Seattle. Delsin Rowe, the new (anti) hero of the inFamous franchise, possesses the power of absorbing the abilities of others like the ability to transform into smoke or absorb neon. What Delsin does with these powers is entirely up to you. You can save the city from potential threats or help bring it to the ground. The inFAMOUS series has always been a fantastic one and the next-gen sequel looks to step it up a notch. inFAMOUS: Second Son will be the first open world superhero game for the Playstation 4 and it looks set to blow us away. If you’re buying a Playstation 4, inFAMOUS: Second Son is a must have.



Ubisoft sure has been busy this past year. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rainbow Six: Patriots, and Rayman Legends. But one title stands out above them all, a mysterious game known as Watchdogs. We knew very little about it not too long ago, but now the details are out. Set in the not-too distant future, you play hacker Aiden Pierce, a vigilante that uses the very city of Chicago as his weapon. Using your smartphone, you can hack into the high-tech city’s network and use it against your enemies.  Examples include hacking into people’s phones to retrieve bank data and steal money, triggering malfunctions in equipment to distract opponents and hacking into traffic lights to cause crashes. Despite being pushed back to next year, the hype for Watchdogs is heavy, and rightly so.


Star Wars Battlefront

It’s been over eight years since we last saw a proper Star Wars Battlefront title, which is  a real shame.The games of the series have been monikered ‘The best Star Wars games ever’ which many agree with (though I personally think that goes to KOTOR, with Battlefront a close second). For those that don’t know, the games are shooters in which you can play as members of several different factions from the Star Wars universe, and in SW: BF2, as several different heroes ranging from Darth Vader to General Grievous to Chewbacca. This time, both Pandemic (the developer) and LucasArts (the publisher) have closed, and the mantle has been passed to DICE. Most fans were actually happy with this, as DICE have produced many stellar titles in the past and seem like the best contender for the next Battlefront. Not much is known apart from the release date…sort of… (somewhere in 2015) and that it will be a first-person shooter. Look for it, folks. It’ gonna blow us away.

SWBattlefront_1366x650 copy


From the pair who brought you Call of Duty comes their new next-gen game Titanfall. Titanfall, EA/Respawn’s shooter that promises fast, smooth man-on-mech action, is coming to Xbox One and PC March 2014. Building on the fundamental shooting mechanics that made Call of Duty the juggernaut franchise that it is today, Titanfall is determined to create a mixed infantry, bot, and heavy mech shooter arena. This futuristic world is rife with conflict, pitting regular bot-controlled military and elite player-controlled pilots equipped with the latest in vertical movement – jetpacks – against each other for strategic areas of control. These jetpacks allow an enterprising player to wall run, double jump, and climb with extreme mobility. To top it all off, the pilots can call in massive robotic suits – known as Titans – to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Most excitingly for us, it integrates a single player campaign and story seamlessly with multiplayer gameplay. Lachlan’s played it, and he loved what he played. Coming to Xbox One and PC in March next year, Titanfall is sure to drop onto the shooter scene and create a large ruckus.



If EA has Titanfall, then Activision has Destiny. Created by Bungie – the studio behind the Halo series – Destiny is another shooter waiting in the wings. This futuristic open world shooter is what is being described as a “shared-world shooter”, incorporating elements of MMO connectivity but limiting the scope somewhat to a small party. Despite the multiplayer elements, Destiny is set to have a strong narrative focus, and the ability to play through solo. Set 700 years in the future where Earth and its space-faring colonies have suffered from a catastrophe known as The Collapse, and are under attack from strange alien races. After Players create their own character, choosing between three races – Humans, Awoken, and Exo – and selecting their class – currently Hunter, Warlocks, and Titans. They are a member of the Guardians, tasked with protecting Earth’s last city from impending doom. Destiny is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (as well as PS3 and 360) Q2 2014. From the brief glimpses shown so far, Destiny is shaping up to be something fascinating for those interested in the integration of single player campaigns in multiplayer worlds.


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  • Jarbloko

    Change Destiny for Killer instinct :D

  • Plutonas

    the title confused me, I thought next gen games for all platforms, not for consoles! Consoles are past due, against the pc…

    What about Dragon Age 3, Fallout 4, Star citizen… The only game I wish to play, console wise… is ” The Order “, but it’s too early to consider buying a ps4.

    • Thomas Connelly

      Dragon age 3 doesn’t personally interest me, and fallout 4 isn’t confirmed. Plus, we’re talking about next-gen games on consoles. PCs don’t have ‘generations’ like consoles do, and so in talking about next-gen games, we’re talking about next-gen console games. Sorry.

  • the creep

    these are garbage picks!!!! except for infamous…. what about the witcher 3, thief, the evil within

    • Nick Calandra

      There’s quite a few big name games coming out, if we had a top ten list all of those would have been in there :)