VGX: Hello Games’ Sci-Fi Exploration Game No Man’s Sky Detailed

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Hello Games, the indie studio behind the well-received Joe Danger games, unveiled their latest project at VGX tonight: No Man’s Sky. It is a procedurally generated science-fiction game. Speaking on the nature of the game in an interview following the gameplay premiere, Hello Games’ managing director, Sean Murray, spoke that the team did not want to follow the typical video game tropes of sci-fi with space marines and dystopia, and rather focus on exploration, and the kind of science fiction ideals that were present in novels when they were young: a crashed spaceship, a desolate landscape and a planet hanging huge and heavy in the sky.

The trailer that was shown indicates that the theme of exploration is being captured effortlessly as it transitions from beneath the waves to the traversal of land before finally blasting off into outer space, with the interview mentioning that anywhere that can be seen can be explored. This doesn’t just extend to mountains on the distant horizon, but out as far as the stars that prickle in the night sky, and the planets that orbit them. The scale of the game is truly immense, and that this comes from a four-person team is incredible.

The game takes place in a first person perspective and will incorporate combat alongside the exploration, which can also take place both on planets and in space. The developer stated that the universe is similar to our own in that it can be a dangerous and adversarial place. To give credence to that claim, it was mentioned that planets have an ecology and ecosystem, “and you’re not necessarily top of that chain“.

Further to this, the game has been confirmed to have an online component, with the developer stating that everyone will be playing in the same universe. It will feature persistence, though it was not made clear whether it is being made with the intention of being an MMO-styled game, or something more single-player oriented. In either case, No Man’s Sky is incredibly ambitious and looking utterly brilliant. It is expected to launch on next-gen systems, though confirmation on which, and at what point was not made.

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