• Fábio Vieira

    Did you get a review copy yet? :)

    P.S.: Slow news day, huh? Yesterday as well… Maybe it’s the calm before the storm… 😀

    • http://www.onlysp.com/ Nick Calandra

      Nope, Ubisoft apparently isn’t sending us one. Lame haha but most of us are picking up the game anyways. And yea, very slow news day today. Stuff coming next week though, our Pre-E3 coverage begins.

      • Jason Mounce

        Ubi doesn’t seem to be overly confident in getting high scores. They flaunted that they bet they’d get, what, 6 Million sales?

        It’s either they expected that because its a GTA clone and analysis of hype – or they exaggerated expectations to make themselves seem confident when they really aren’t… ;o Curious when the embargo raises and people can post official reviews, if they’ll be good or 6-7’s

  • Kevin Burrell

    Got my copy yesterday!

    • Eli Winter


      • Kevin Burrell

        I have friends I’ve known for 9 and 7 years that work at a gamestore here in NYC :-)

  • Gr3y Wolf

    Improved… from what? I dont really see any difference between these shots and the recent youtube vids.

    • justerthought

      The PS4 gameplay trailers just before it was delayed were awful. The lighting and textures were flat and lifeless. It was 1080p but it was crap. What we have now is 900p with a glorious colourful image full of detail. They made the right decision.

      Youtube videos are heavily compressed so textures and edge detail gets crucified. This version of the game will look amazing coming down your HDMI cable straight into your HD TV. I’ll be playing the PS4 version on Tuesday that’s for sure.

      • Gr3y Wolf

        Wait… so your saying its improved since last years footage (before the game was delayed)? To be fair, it wasnt exactly about last years footage that caused people to question the graphics etc, it is recent footage – and imo last years PS4 footage looked better than what i have been seeing recently.

        “The lighting and textures were flat and lifeless…” – Were? No im sorry, but from all recent gameplay footage i have seen this is exactly how it looks now, with the lighting and textures being flat and lifeless, and everything being the same dull, drab shades of grey and beige, even the shadows are washed out – almost as if the gamma was set too high.

        “What we have now is 900p with a glorious colourful image full of detail” – again, from everything i have seen, it is exactly the opposite.

        I am comparing these images to the recent footage that i have seen, and youtube compression aside, these images look no different – they still look washed out. Also the npcs during the daytime look a bit odd, maybe its the lighting on them, but they dont seem to look right compared to the environment – on one of the images in this article (the one showing a black sports car with a yellow one behind it, and 3 npcs, 1 standing, 2 sat on a bench), the npcs look like cardboard cutouts almost.

        But i think the main issue with the way this game looks is the daytime – the lighting is terrible imo, it looks bland and washed out, im not sure what it is but i suspect that the gamma is too high – the whole things just lacks any sort of contrast, because of this the game looks like an early last gen game just in a higher resolution. Lighting is VERY important in making a game look good or bad, realistic or not – and here the lighting is poor. I could go on about other things too, but i think i’ve made my point.

        • justerthought

          You’re getting your versions mixed up. It’s a common mistake. The awesome E3 launch trailer that wowed us was the high end PC version on ultra. No way was the PS4 going to match that. Just before the game was delayed, PS4 gameplay trailers started to appear and they were not even close to the PC trailer. It was 1080p but the lighting and textures were flat and lifeless. I expected better, as did many others. It was basically the PC version on ‘normal’ settings with no eye candy. Some thought the E3 trailer was PS4 and called the new footage a downgrade. It could not be a downgrade because it was first sight of the PS4 version.

          Ubisoft saw the backlash and delayed the game to polish the console ports. The decision was made to sacrifice resolution to include more advanced graphics like the PC version. So we now have 900p 30fps but the graphics are equal to PC on ‘high’ settings. The PC E3 trailer was ‘ultra’ settings, so those who thought it was PS4 continued to call the ‘high’ settings a downgrade. With all the detail in the world and the fact that it’s running on a console, ‘high’ is the best we are going to get. No way is a £350 console going to match a £2000 high end PC rig on ultra.

          And don’t forget, we’ve not seen the high end PC version in daylight yet. It was the night scene that wowed us and the game looks awesome at night on PS4 as well. The PC version may just look similar to the PS4 in day time lighting.

          Here is the PS4 version during sunlight taken from the retail game recently.
          As you can see it’s full of colour with nicely rendered textures. Much better than the version before the delay.

          From what I’ve been hearing, ‘high’ is the best most PC gamers will be playing as well, because there are reports of frame rate and performance issues on the PC port. That basically means you need an extreme high end PC to get the ‘ultra’ settings running in a playable form due to the complexity of the world. The PS4 version looks awesome right now when viewed in that light.

          • Gr3y Wolf

            When i was refering to the footage before the delay, i was not talking about the E3 2012 demo, i am quite aware that was running on a high PC, i was talking about the E3 2013 demo, which was running on PS4.

            Also i have seen plenty footage running on high end PCs via youtube and some other sources, and while it looks ‘slightly’ better, it still looks washed out imo. I am aware of how weather effects lighting and color. But its not so much that things look grey and beige, its that they are all the exact same shades of grey and beige no matter the weather, nothing really stands out – it lacks contrast.

            Also in heavily shadowed areas the player and npcs sometimes look like they are glowing slightly and seem much brighter than they should while in shadow.

            I actually preordered the game on PS4 a couple of months back, but after seeing the latest footage of it in action, im having serious doubts. And its not just the lighting that i have an issue with, its other things too, like for example ‘pop-in’, in all the footage i have seen (including PC) the amount of vehicle and npc pop-in is aweful. 50 to 100 meters ahead you can clearly see npcs and vehicles appearing out of nowhere, ive been playing GTA V recently and while it has the same issue, its nowhere near as noticable and the distance at which vehicles pop-in seems greater… Also the city of chicago looks almost empty and lifeless at times, with barely any vehicles or npcs around, especially while driving, speaking of driving, ive heard that it’s not good and the car models look odd, GTA V cars look better imo.

            Anyway, i may still pick up my copy tomorrow. I just hope that Ubisoft release some sort of patch that fixes these issues. Im sorry for waffling – but i am just so disappointed how this game has turned out, i wanted it to be good and to look like a next gen game – but from what i have seen, it just doesnt.