The Mafia series has always been one of our favourites. Great old-fashioned music, realistic elements and a fun, but sometimes, harrowing look at the life of a mafioso, Mafia 2 was a fantastic game. With the recent news that Mafia 3 may be set in Louisiana, we decided to take a look at we would like to see in the highly anticipated sequel.

More Than One Character, But With More Range

If there’s one thing that GTA V did well, it was having 3 characters. It gave a bit more of a range than the typical “I don’t want to shoot bad guys, but I will anyway” story that the series often relies on and allowed for a fresh new feature that open world games ought to take advantage of. Mafia 3 is rumored to have 3 characters instead of the usual one. These characters include the well-groomed business type Tony, the weak but loud-mouthed Mickey and the strong-willed and loyal Franklin. While these characters may seem rather clichéd on the surface, it is the potential of their interactions with Mafia society that could be interesting.

The Mafia took pride in its Italian roots and members could only reach an “elite” status if they could prove they were full-blooded Italians with roots in the “Old Country”. The fact that Franklin is a coloured character and Mickey is more than likely an Irish descendant, their involvement with the Mafia might be more restricted than the fully-Italian Tony. It could also give a social commentary to the rampant racism and xenophobia that was present in America. Either way, the diversity of the characters could certainly have more of an impact than GTA V did.

Better Story + Memorable Missions

Mafia 2’s story was good, but it ended rather poorly and a lot of what could be considered cutscene material occurred on long car trips. Not to make too many comparisons to GTA, but when IV did this, a lot of conversations served as filler to the already substantial story material. The conversations were just a thread of a character’s life or a humorous anecdote between the protagonist and another character. Mafia 2 relied on driving to give the meat and potatoes of the story, and even the cutscenes and character development were inconsistent. There was never any reaction from Vito for what happens in the story or when someone dies and it just felt off.

In terms of missions, there never really was too many memorable ones. From shooting up a diner, blowing up the hotel or sneaking into the meat factory, Mafia 2 delivered some quality missions, but the average/mediocre outmatched them considerably. While this is an issue with a lot of open world games where 1 out of 20 missions are amazing, I think Mafia 3 could deliver some great missions that could evoke references to top Mafia culture like Goodfellas, The Sopranos or The Godfather while still telling a good story and developing great characters.


Set Up Your Own Operations With Your Own Gang

One of the main motifs of any Mafia story is rising through the ranks from a street hustler, to a top criminal. However smart or tough you think you might be, that is not an easy task for just one person. That’s why there ought to be some form of gang-building in Mafia 3. You could hire people through contacts on your telephone or go down to the local bar and ask the tough guys if they’re interested. Either way, once you start to build a reputable gang, you can start to make a little bit of cash. Maybe you and your crew could meet up and discuss robbing a bookies, shaking down a store for protection money or lifting alcohol off of a delivery truck.

The opportunities for making money should be endless in this game and it would certainly help make a lot of side missions which Mafia 2 sorely lacked. After a long day, you could meet up with your gang for some “friend activities” such as shooting darts, racing, betting on horses/greyhounds, fist fights or even just chilling out at a safehouse to learn more about your other members Mass Effect style. Mafia 2 focused on the story of Vito and Joe and I think it might be time for expanding that “blood brothers” gang into something even bigger.

More Realism

Probably one of the best aspects of Mafia 2 was being able to have a sense of realism with the game. You could pump your own gas, pay off a fine for speeding, go to a diner and grab a bite to eat. There was a lot of “realistic” aspects that helped give the game a sense of authenticity and it is often those small details that can help make an open world game even more believable.  Mafia 3 should certainly expand on this realism.

A day and night cycle should be included in the game that changes the behaviour of pedestrians in the city. If New Orleans really is the new setting, the population should get rowdier at night time and more subdued in the day time. You could imagine crowds rushing to get to the trams in the morning for work and big parties at bars and nightclubs at nightime. On top of all this, there should be a lot more interactivity with buildings and homes. You can enter any businesses and purchase or steal commodities, as well as enter housing at night to steal from them. After all, you are a criminal and you should be encouraged to try your hand at every crime possible.

Side Missions

While the main story of Mafia 2 was fun, there was a severe lack of stuff to do with the game outside of it. Sure, you could go to the bar and drink, or have the cops chase you down for speeding, but there was never any real missions to do. Mafia 3 should bring something new to the table and include a multitude of side missions that give you experience that help you rise through the ranks and play a stronger role in the Mafia.

Side missions like dealing drugs, racketeering, heists, hitman assassinations etc. are all crimes that Mafia members have been known to be guilty of. Perhaps there could be a level of specialisation with one of these missions so your character could be known as the Drug Pusher or The Hitman, granting you special attributes to become a better criminal, or giving you access to contacts to help sell you cheaper guns or cars.

We are eagerly anticipating the sequel to Mafia 2 and, hopefully, we’ll hear more about the sequel in the near future. Got a feature you’d love to see in Mafia 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • NickTrick96

    The idea of starting your own gang is cool, but I think 2k should tie Vito and Joe into the storyline. Like, in the middle of the game, you come across a new Mafia boss: Vito Scaletta. We find out what happened to Vito and Joe after Joe was taken away. You should join his family and still control your own gang, while working your way up the ladder. But mosty importantly, you should be able to break into houses and buildings. That I agree with. It would be so real if you could do that, making the game almost endless. I also think you should be able to smoke, buy and read newspapers, change individual clothes, such as hats and shoes alone, sit on benches and at tables and booths, and use the blinkers on cars. There are so many possibilities. I want Mafia 3 now! But if my ideas and the ones you guys listed above are included, It’d be WELL WORTH a LOOOONG wait!

    • Anon

      I totally agree! Mafia II just didn’t feel finished to me.

      • NickTrick96

        I totally agree. I think it was a good ending for the game, since the mafia really doesn’t have happy endings, but I’m hoping that mafia 2’s ending was just a cliffhanger, since joe still had his revolver at the end, with only 2 guys in the car…

  • Fathergod

    Mafia 2 suuuuucked. The graphics were good but the story was terrible!

    You had NO control over anything you could do in the game, it was.

    Do this
    Go here
    End day

  • Ractor

    Vito and Joe are essential in the game why take them out now? why not include them as part of the new gang?

    • Nick Calandra

      There was a job listing for characters in the next Mafia game a few weeks ago. None of those characters were listed. You can search it on the site :)

    • Bishop

      Do you remember how the game ends for Joe?

  • Badabing

    I want a combination of Hothouse’s original Gangsters and Mafia. That would make my day.

  • DJRickyV

    Just like GTA5 did, Mafia 3 now takes a page out of Yakuza’s open-world design: one protagonist is no longer enough, you have to run a whole stable of them.

    • Nick Calandra

      Well, in some games it does make sense to have multiple protagonists provided the story is made to played that way. No harm in adding more story and lore to an open world game with branching side quests and such.

  • Winston

    This game needs a sandbox mode, or whatever you want to call it. The missions are fun, the settings are great, but it’s too contained. There’s so much that could be done with free reign, but there’s none of that in Mafia II. A lot of potential here, I hope it doesn’t get screwed up.

  • Nobody_Anybody

    I just hope this time the game is complete on release. Mafia 2 was just
    not finished. In the game they told you about places where you could
    go for extra mission but you could never go there for extra missions.
    Some special cars where in-game but only available in one mission and
    there was no free ride mode. Also multiple parts of the story where
    missing. Like the sister that you here nothing of after the phone
    call. Obviously there was more story planned there but they simply
    released it and cut huge parts out.

    A part of that they added in with DLC (That I did not and refuse to
    buy) what is to say the least rude.

    So what I want from Mafia 3. A full game on release and no DLC at all
    afterwards. In addition I would like a little more atmosphere in the
    missions. The world had a lot of atmosphere but the missions did not,
    in Mafia 1 they did.

    Those 3 things would be great. For the rest Mafia 2 was great so I would
    like to see similar stuff in Mafia 3.


      You can’t just say no DLC just because you don’t like it, the Mafia 2 DLC added more depth to the game.

  • Cerini

    “Coloured character.” Dear oh dear. Is it 1950 again?

  • noah

    one word motorcycles

  • Draconian9053

    I’m skeptical about New Orleans as the setting. Has organized crime traditionally been part of Louisiana’s history?

    My hope was that they would make a Las Vegas themed Mafia 3, taking place in the 1960s and 70s. Thus far, the Mafia series has almost completely ignored gambling, which has traditionally been a bread and butter industry for the mafia.

    With regards to prostitution, Mafia 2 dealt with it slightly, though mostly as a background in cutscenes.

    “Set Up Your Own Operations With Your Own Gang” –Nathan Hughes

    You could do that in the Godfather games from EA. Many of the suggestions listed in this article were features found in those Godfather games, which were made in 2006 and 2009.

    I do hope that Mafia 3 continues on with a great soundtrack like Mafia 2 had. It was fun driving around Empire Bay while listening to Muddy Waters and Buddy Holly. It’s a shame they couldn’t include any Frank Sinatra though. I’m not sure if that’s because it was too expensive to license his music or if his estate didn’t want him associated with a mafia video game.

    Hopefully Mafia 3 returns the series to more of a realistic driving model. Part of what made the first Mafia game so enjoyable was the realistic driving. You had to stop at red lights, and if you didn’t, police would pull you over. In Mafia 2 you could blow through red lights, police didn’t care. It’s important that you feel like you’re part of a living city that has rules, and not just a city built for the player. Perhaps give the player the option of whether they want a driving model that’s more about realism or more tuned to a GTA style.

  • Alex Davies

    I cant wait for this game, the long drives In 2 did become tedious as did the speed limitations but overall that game and it’s storyline Is still one of my favourites, ever. NEED MOAR.

  • Moe


    • Peter Krentz

      You mean like in the first Mafia game? Honestly they should just try and make this as close to the first one as possible, but with all the new driving mechanics and graphics. Would easily make game of the year.

  • Vin


  • anonymus

    Custom character, please please please. Add some top quality RPG elements (full character customization and skill-building) to the typically exceptional narrative of the Mafia series.

    Think Godfather game in terms of customization. If they could do it on the first Xbox and Ps2 then surely we can see it on a next gen game.

  • Linus Skov

    Just rip off the Godfather the Game. That was pretty awesome with a lot of exciting side activities. And please don’t make a potential Mafia 3 take place in Louisiana. I’d rather see another fictional city resembling Atlantic City, Philadelphia or Chicago in the 20’s.

  • Kareem Bertali

    When is this game coming out? Does anyone know?

  • Kareem Bertali

    More realism, going to the barber, betting, pimping, racketeering, bank robberies, building a gang (also having crew members jailed and then bailed out by the main character), the possibility to create your own gang (mob), more traffic rules and realism, bikes, motorcycles, being able to visit people at home, in jail etc. more realism, more realism, more realism! Breaking and entering, robberies at night or daytime (the choice to rob a place according to your own desire), please be better than GTA V because it promised all of this and delivered absolutely nothing. Character creation would be good also. Better graphics.

  • TRL21791


    Mickey is probably Michael.
    Tony might be Trevor.
    And Franklin is Franklin. Black. Excuse me, *colored*.

    So it’s blatantly ripping off GTA V.

    I was such a fan of the first two games, but I’m scratching my head with this one…

    • derp

      but they have totally different personalities except Franklin

    • Phil

      it doesnt matter if they are ripping of GTA V,i played GTA V and i was a real good game imagine that in a MAFIA version it would be pefect

  • harman

    longer than ever.plzz… mafia 2 was too short…… i dnt want it to end soon once i start,,,

  • TylerYMN

    I really hope they send out a release date soon. I think this should be better than GTA. On this we should be able to travel to another state on a plane to sell drugs and have connects out of town, we should be able to buy houses and cars and buy them for family or mob members. Rob banks, build up the rank of your mob, break into other mob homes, so buy new clothing even robbing clothes like ski mask and all black attire. If we get locked up we should be able to do jail time and break out like plan it with your mob members, also be able to bribe police to let u out. Drug dealing should be included. Overall make this 10x better than GTA

  • Philippe CF

    Don’t turn this game into GTA. I don’t want that. I liked both Mafia games for their storytelling. And most of it did not take place in the car, despite what you wrote in the car. The cutscenes were involved usually when picking up a mission, during a mission or ending a mission, and with great variation (ex. going home to find your sister crying on your doorway because her husband was cheating and abusing her – another interesting cutscene that digs into the character in that same chapter, was your sister calling you to complain about having solved the issue in a violent manner, marking a further separation of Vito from his family). I don’t want this IP to be any more than it actually is. An interactive, cinematic, movie experience. The first Mafia game is one of the few games that I can replay at any time with joy in my heart. Same goes with Mafia II. Mafia II was the only game that I sat down to play in one session. And I don’t get the hate towards the ending. it is, indeed, a difficult to swallow ending. There is no sugar coating to it. Throughout the game, you make all the decisions a half-decent person would make if they were put in that situation. yet at the end, you’re left powerless, your ascension in the Mafia as well as your survival depending on whether or not you can accept Joe, your life-long friend, being “taken care of” by the Mafia. The game does you a favor and leaves you on a cliffhanger. It is a much darker ending than the original Mafia, where you get to live out most of your life before being taken out. I liked the recipe, and it’s one of the few single player experiences that I genuinely enjoined. It’s not made out to be GTA, and apparently for some people it was even difficult to find the open world part. I honestly blame that on the compelling story. You did not want to stop and wonder off. You wanted to know what happens next. You want to know how the events unfold. Which is something, unfortunately, I have yet to meet in any GTA games. These games appeal to different audiences. Leave them be. I don’t want mindless gameplay. I want a solid story and solid characters. I would like for the car npcs to have a better AI though. What 2K Czech should have capitalized in the original game were all the characters they could have made a DLC for. Instead of Jimmy’s Vendetta, I would’ve much rather played a DLC based on Henry’s informant activities. As a matter of fact, I could see a whole Mafia game based on that. Each of the installments in this franchise should be nothing more than the development and growth of a main character while inside the “business”. A Fallout-esque model with multiple endings, where you can choose your path in the Family, would also be a good model for the franchise. For example, if you have to kill somebody, you have a choice to let him live or kill him, to showcase you loyalty towards the Family growing, or to showcase your loyalty to friends and close ones, or to your own moral code (in the first game when Angelo spares that prostitute on the condition she leaves town – which later turns out it was a bad decision). I’m not really down for lame side-quests that have no influence on the story though. The Free Roam was also a nice aspect in the original that disappeared in the second.

    • Catalin Ioan

      Really would have liked a DLC or an independet DLC story about Henry.It was a very well developed,very well written character and my favorite character from the story.Also “Mr Angelo?”
      “Mr Salierri sends you regards”

      • Guest

        Funny thing is, I actually said that in a comment somewhere, that instead of the Jimmy DLCs, Henry should’ve gotten a DLC. Or at least they should expand on his story in the next game.

        • Catalin Ioan

          Unfortunately every Mafia game story is selfconcluding.But,hey we got a Tommy Angello Cameo.Why not a Henry one is Mafia 3?

      • Philippe CF

        Never mind, I guess it was here. Also, you. I like you. xD

        • Catalin Ioan

          Its for my avatar isnt it?

          • Philippe CF

            Your avatar? I thought it was a mugshot. “As my mother always said, it’s better to die young and loaded.”

    • Hayden Kelly Bryant

      Thank you!!!!!

    • inti

      GTA San Andres had the most compelling story of all.

  • Phil

    If the godfather games had the graphics and realism of Mafia 2 they would be the best mafia games and still are in my opinion..godfather game for ps2 it was just wow ahead of its time,cant say anything bad..Mafia 2 is a good game but with nowadays technology it could have been 100 times better and as much as i try to love it,it had some pros but big was too short and even after that there was no free roam and no free roam at all in the game,you didnt have a crew,if you do something and police are after you its really difficult to getaway,i like that its realistic but either you change clothes and car if you are wanted which is really difficult or you die which happens all the time.louisiana is really not the place for a kind of game like this.las vegas or chicago or 1920s-1950s NYC(with this kind of technology the map could be remaked to something way better)..there is lot of potential for this game to be good with nowadays technology so please dont screw it up and just release this game to say ok we released it..make the best out of it..get ideas from the godfather games,scarface and gta v(the way you can move)it was kind of annoying in MAFIA 2 how vito moves slow and just remake them and put them in one big game and it will be EPIC!!!!!!!

    • Petegas

      The First Godfather was one of my favorite games ever.

  • sjzs

    Do not do 3 characters! Stick to one. I didnt bond with any characters from gta v. Keep one main character. Do not make the mistake of three characters. Think about it, did you feel the same for the gta v character as you felt for CJ, Nicko or Tommy?

  • Hayden Kelly Bryant

    You’re trying to make this a fucking 40s-50s GTA V, like are you fucking stupid? Don’t try to make Mafia GTA. Hell most of us played mafia because we hate GTA.

    • thekommisar

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      • inti

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        • Russell Gitlitz

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          • inti

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          • Russell Gitlitz

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          • inti

            “yaaawwwwwn. 2 word reply..thought long and hard about what you would say back?,,MAKE ME??!! what’s next? “I know you are but what am i” then in another 2 months you can rubber and glue me,,,that should teach me a lesson, hang have disappointed your entire family and your dog is tired of you beating on it or your wife.,(I can only hope you haven’t tricked some unfortunate drunk girl into hosting the parasite. that would undoubtedly spring from your infected single strand DNA .,help out your country son,”

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      • Hayden Kelly Bryant

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          • Hayden Kelly Bryant

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  • Anto

    Man one thing that pisses me off was what rock star made term cut from mafia 2 :( there was meant to be free roam, side missions, more missions, more guns/customisation, multiplayer, property purchases, ‘HIESTS!!’ But then the game would’ve been perfect and beaten gta so the publishers cut half that shit out, google it x

    • Gaston Peña

      R* has nothing to do with the development of Mafia 2, Take Two does. I think T2 influenced to make 2K cut these content to prevent Mafia 2 being greater than GTA IV. Personally i like both games and each one has their unique things but i prefer GTA saga. No hate please

  • johnaros1

    free ride extream like MAFIA 1 would be great with good cars to unlock

  • Dehan

    An awesome setting would be the 20’s during the prohibition era, in style of Boardwalk Empire

    • Rolands

      So… The first Mafia?

  • kris

    Louisiana?? How did Chicago not get the gig, hell Vegas would be a good setting also.

    • Jason

      New Orleans actually had one of the first documented Nosa Costra events in 1890, before the Five Families were even created in NYC. But I also agree Chicago, Vegas or NYC seem to be better location settings for a mafia game.

      • 12D3

        “Nosa Costra”? I mean, I get you’re not italian, but man, at least check on Google if you have doubts about how it’s spelled (It’s “Cosa Nostra”)

  • Oleg

    I really want to play mafia 3 I hope y’all will make a free world game instead having side missions!!!!! PLEASE make it the third one.

  • sammyG

    I would like it to be set in a better version of empire bay and maybe be a capo and also better/more suits

  • sammyG

    and also being in the vinci family would be cool