What We Want From Hotline Miami 2


Conspiracy messages on your phone, blood all over your hands and a DeLorean filled with animal masks. This is the type of life you can expect to lead in Hotline Miami, one of 2012/2013’s most enjoyable and violent gore fest. It’s been called a “top down eff-em up” and that description hits the nail on the head as you murder everything in sight with hammers, broken bottles and other weapons while an enticing and addictive electro neon 80’s soundtrack blares on throughout the chaos. It’s dark, fast and bloody addictive. The game was a hit and will spawn a sequel in 2014 for PS4, PC and PS Vita but what do we want in the sequel to such a great game? Read on to find out! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

Better Storytelling

Hotline Miami had a great story that dealt with a human being’s lust for violence to escape boredom and the psychological impact it can have, all with the backdrop of the bright colours of the eighties. Jacket (the main character) gains increased aggression throughout the game which highlights the downward spiral he is facing into becoming a psychopath. Jacket receives phone calls to kill people and he does so willingly each time. Why is this? Just because he can.

Most of this story isn’t explained too well in the game and a lot of digging is required to gain the guts of the story. For Hotline Miami 2, there ought to be an emphasis on the story telling. Name your characters, give them motives and have a defined enemy that crosses their path (whether that is Jacket himself or someone new). It shouldn’t be too on the nose because Hotline Miami is more about showing than telling. Did you realise that the Hooker in the game helped turn Jacket’s life around by helping clean his apartment and did you also notice they eventually sleep in the same bed? Unless you kept a keen eye at the start of each chapter, you can miss it quite easily. Hotline Miami 2 should keep the same “paint a picture” attitude for the sequel’s story; just give us a lot more canvas to look at.


Custom Level Editor

Hotline Miami’s level design is pretty excellent. There’s lots of way to take down and be taken down just from the way the environment is laid out. Having a pillar a fraction to the left of a guard can open up his vision to any oncoming attackers meaning you’ll end up with bullets to the brain. Hotline Miami had some great visuals and levels and the music was top notch. So why not give players the chance to try their hand at making some of their own masterpieces? Add in some purple pumas, the Russian Mafia and a SWAT team to a casino floor, while the pulse pounding below track plays in the background.

Bam. You’ve got yourself a Hotline Miami level.


Adding in a level maker is something fans have been clamouring for so it would be a shame not to include it. A level maker would increase the replayability of the game by such a large amount and it will definitely attract an even stronger community to constantly pump out some fantastic and challenging levels. It’d be a mistake to leave this one out.

More Music/More Masks

Hotline Miami would not have the same gorey charm it does without the amount of outstanding music and huge variation of game changing masks it has. While the music is something unique and refreshing to hear, all I ask is for more of the same and I’m certain the developers will deliver. Onto the subject of masks, Hotline Miami did have a lot of interesting masks but some were rather useless. One of the masks (Phil) simply translates the dialogue to French and two masks have the same effect as each other (Graham/Brandon).

While I’m not criticising the inclusion of these masks, it was just a shame that there weren’t other masks to add a bit more variety to the mix. How about a mask (Bobby Bomber The Baboon) that allows you to plant a bomb on a door that blows the door down and then fills the room with harmful smoke? Who knows? All we can hope is that there’s more abilities and more fun ways to experiment with taking down every person in the room as quick as possible.


So that’s what I think. Hotline Miami 2 has a lot of potential and I am extremely pleased that it’s getting a lot of hype and attention from fans, game sites and so on. If the game delivers more of the same but with a few new quirks here and there, it’s a bona fide success.

Hotline Miami 2 comes out for PS4,PS Vita and PC in 2014.

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