Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is “Problematic”


At the initial Xbox One reveal, it was stated that Xbox 360 games cannot be played on the console. However, it seems that statement was reversed when Microsoft stated it would try to use Xbox One’s Cloud to bring in backwards-compatibility but it seems Albert Penello, Senior Director of Xbox Project Management and Planning, thinks the idea is “very cool but very problematic.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Penello ,revealed that the idea is “cloud streaming was simply too failure-prone to provide a realistic solution for most consumers.” He also went on to say that having the world’s best Internet connection would be the only way to get streaming “way better than you’d expect it to”.

So for now, the Xbox One’s plans to have backwards compatibility is in the very early stages. Will it eventually work is another problem but for now, Microsoft is interested to see how Sony can “deal with this problem.” Penello ended the interview with the statement “I can tell you,[backwards compatibility streaming] it’s totally possible. We like it, we’re fans of the cloud. We’re not shy about that.”

Source: Polygon

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