MaruStudio has released almost ten minutes of footage from the horror game 암전:Blackout ahead of its Steam release tomorrow.

The trailer is slow paced, showing the first-person perspective of a male character as he explores an incredibly detailed home environment. The setting looks slightly spartan, though the presence of name-brand goods and foodstuffs gives it a lived-in feeling.

However, the real star of the footage is the audio design—questionable voice acting aside—which hums in the background, helping to build tension as the supernatural scares take centre stage.

The synopsis for 암전:Blackout on its Steam page is spotty due the low quality translation, but indicates that players take the role of a man whose wife goes missing as mysterious events begin to transpire in the house they share.

The game is set to launch via Steam on April 23, and the team aims to also release it on Switch and Xbox One, though time frames for the console releases have not yet been indicated.

MaruStudio comprises of a two-person team based in South Korea. 암전:Blackout is the developer’s first game.

The new footage adds to the an earlier, shorter trailer that the team released last month.

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