NoskovFe Workshop’s new game 35MM has begun a campaign to get their new title on Steam Greenlight.

35MM is a new single player game, featuring an apocalyptic setting, as two friends travel across the abandoned cities and towns of Russia following a deadly epidemic. Described as a, “quest style game with shooter elements”, 35MM will lead players through forests and large fields, as the two characters try to survive.

The game is planned to release on PC, Mac, and Linux, with a release date to be given at a later date. For more updates about 35MM, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. For me, a lot will depend on the story, characters and voice acting. Such settings are great for the exploration of humanity, morality, camaraderie and other such concepts. If this is more than just exploration, I definitely want to see it on Steam.

    And we apparently will. The game has been Greenlit.

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