4A Games has been very quiet since they released the Metro: Redux bundle, but they’ve come out of the shadows today via a new official Twitter page and an update on Facebook.

As we’ve suspected for quite a while now, 4A Games is currently working on two new projects, as confirmed by their new social media manager. However, 4A isn’t ready to talk about those new projects just yet (unsurprisingly). Here’s what their social media manager had to say:

The burning question that you are all going to be asking (and have been asking) is:

What are you doing or working on? Well today I have the honour, nay the privilege to tell you: nothing at all about either of the 2 exciting projects that we have underway …. Sorry for the troll :D

A Russian gaming outlet previously spoke with someone from 4A Games regarding the projects that they were working on, none of which has been confirmed. But if you’re curious, here’s the quoted information.

The second project – a new shooter in the universe Metro, radically different from the previous parts of the series . Working on the script author of the novels “Metro” Dmitry Gluhovskij and action games … Here we have to stop. NDA forbids us to give any details , but look at those episodes and technical pieces that we have seen in the office 4A Games, really impressive .

The third project is even more secret . This is a fantastic shooter about space with a very unusual design , structure and idea. Alien landscapes are fascinating – we do this have never seen . Alas , more information about the new game we can not provide.

The first project not listed above in the quote was Metro: Redux which was released last year for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Last I heard, the space project that 4A was working on was shelved, but that may have changed as we heard that rumor about half a year ago now. It shouldn’t be too long now before we hear something from 4A, especially with Gamescom right around the corner in August.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any further announcements from 4A Games so stay tuned to OnlySP for continued updates.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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