Earlier today, Playstation unleashed a trailer of White Rabbit’s Death’s Gambit showing off the various bosses that’ll be ready to tear your jaw from your skull.

The most striking aspect of this trailer is the sheer variation in bosses shown. There’s one part where your protagonist begins to climb up a giant, another where he is doing mad-dashes around a crouched assassin-esque beast, and a third boss the same size as you and nimble with a spear. Each one seems designed to be memorable, unique, and requiring a specific tactic. In addition, the trailer description mentions how, in contrast to similar titles, the bosses will respawn, offering up a chance for different loot.

Death’s Gambit is a 2D action-RPG with a Soulsian style to it. The best comparison I can think of, looking at the various GIFs and trailers, is a slower-paced Salt & Sanctuary with a bit of  Shadow of Colossus thrown in. You play as an agent of Death, tasked to rid the world of immortals. No other details have been released of the narrative. Right now, I’m totally up for it. However, I’m always up for diving into a depressing grim fantasy world, trying to fight beasts that’ll probably tear me asunder twenty times before I manage a finishing blow once. So that may not be saying much.

Currently Death’s Gambit is looking at being released onto PC and PS4, with no release date as of yet.

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