Most Phoenix Point Maps Will be Procedurally Generated

Phoenix Point Maps

Snapshot Games has revealed that most of the maps in Phoenix Point will be designed on-the-fly using a system similar to that found in XCOM 2.

The team’s most recent development update delves into the way that the environments are being designed, from initial concepts to final render. Specific mention is made of a procedural generation system that uses modular buildings and segments to populate a series of pre-set map layouts. This system allows for a high degree of variety between each map without requiring the designers and developers to handcraft the fine details of each environment.

To ensure an even greater degree of diversity, many of the buildings will also be modular, with different blocks slotting together to make the internal constructions more intricate. However, each individual building or segment is designed from scratch to ensure a clearly defined look for the faction it represents. An example of these systems at work is available in the video below.

While that video shows off a rather barren and uninspired map, the team also provided another render with atmospheric lighting and environmental effects in place, which looks far more impressive:

Last year’s XCOM 2 used a similar set-up after the handcrafted maps of XCOM: Enemy Unknown proved to be in too short supply to satisfy die-hard fans who found the layouts to be repetitive. Nevertheless, Phoenix Point will use handcrafted maps for certain levels.

The update also goes into some detail about the environmental design of the human factions, revealing that the militaristic New Jericho faction will use “brutalist” architecture with a fortress-like look and feel. Meanwhile, the religious Disciples of Anu will occupy more ramshackle, slum-like environments, going by the available concept art.

Recently, Snapshot Games announced that the crowdfunding for Phoenix Point passed the USD$1,000,000 mark, inspiring the team to provide the missed stretch goal of a floating base as free DLC following the game’s launch late next year.

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