FromSoftware May Have a New Armored Core in the Works

Armored Core

Despite not announcing anything new for the series since 2013’s Verdict Day, FromSoftware may have a new entry in mech-combat series Armored Core in development.

Speaking on a recent NicoNico livestream (via Siliconera), the studio’s marketing manager Yasunori Ogura mentioned that the team has “no intention to end the series.” While that comment is no indication of active work, he later stated that several team members want to make a new entry in the series, but nothing is ready to show for now. While the final comment may be a case of mistranslation, it strongly suggests that an announcement will be made at an undetermined point in the relatively near future.

The sentiments were echoed on the firm’s official Twitter page, which also requested for fans to “please be patient.”

FromSoftware previously noted that it had three projects in development, one of which was a new Armored Core. Although the series is the most long-running IP from the developer, FromSoftware has more recently found success with the Souls series and Bloodborne.

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