A Keyboard is All That is Needed to Hack the PlayStation Classic

The launch of the PlayStation Classic has been somewhat troubled. While the build quality of the hardware has received praise, customers have complained about the poor selection of games, the use of off-the-shelf hardware and emulation software, as well as performance problems.

A previous OnlySP article noted how the PlayStation Classic’s use of open source emulation might make the PlayStation Classic relatively easy to hack. According to YouTube channel Retro Gaming Arts, this process seems to be far easier than anyone could have expected.

The YouTube creators discovered that how to easily access the emulator settings menu simply by using a USB keyboard. By plugging in a USB keyboard, loading one of the pre-loaded games and hitting the Escape key, the emulator menu becomes accessible.

This menu allows users to use multiple save states, change scanline settings, and alter games from PAL to NTSC to access 60FPS.

The channel does warn that users do this at their own risk, as altering these settings may have an effect on the system. Retro Gaming Arts also says that not all USB keyboards work to access the menu, and has confirmed that so far Logitech and Corsair keyboards do appear to work.

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