That’s right, a major change is coming to OnlySP and we think you’ll like it.

I’ve been contemplating this change for quite a while now as my interests have changed over the time that I’ve been in college. I’ve been wondering, day in and day out…just where is OnlySP going to go? Well, I’ve finally found the answer after doing some hardcore soul searching over the past few weeks…and yes, Dark Souls 2 was helpful to my cause.

Many of you may disagree with what I’m about to tell you, but I think it’s the correct shift for OnlySP. Things have been changing so quickly in the gaming industry that it’s hard to keep up with all of it. It’s hard work, and I’d like to enjoy my time a bit more rather than stress about how many pixels are on my screen. Like, honestly, while I was playing The Order: 1886 the other day, I was literally trying to keep track of how many pixels were on the screen and how many polygons were on Galahad’s face. Do you have any idea how incredibly difficult that is to do?

unnamed (4)

In light of how absolutely ridiculous I felt doing this I realized it’s time to call it quits. OnlySP will no longer be covering gaming related news, but something entirely new and never before covered in the history of journalism. I think…in the long run it will be helpful to the site’s traffic numbers as our hit-bait content just doesn’t seem to be doing it for us.

The only other way we can survive is to start fabricating news about games you’ve never even heard about like Fallout 4 and Half-Life 3. Which by the way, did you know there’s an announcement coming for Half-Life 3 later today? We already know what is, so we might as well tell you. There’s an announcement to announce that there’s no announcement for Half-Life 3 today…announcement-ception.

I bet you didn’t find that funny. I didn’t either don’t worry. But, if you scroll down the page, you might find something a tad more comical.






So, without further ado, I’m proud to introduce you to OnlySP’s re-branding effort as….


Happy April Fools!

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. My clicks go to Only Stupid Multiplayers.

  2. And here I thought you were going to turn this into a dating site – thereby not having to change the site’s name!!! :)

    1. That’s still a viable fall back plan!

  3. You mean this won’t become a site counting polygons on hot digital men’s faces and perhaps bodies!? I thought that’s what you were planning there for a second. Now I’m disappointed in OnlySP for life. There goes my Only Sexy Protagonists…

  4. Hahaha, nice one :). Love the polygon counting pic!

  5. Wait what?

    An April Fools joke?

    I’m no fool! You dooped me!!! Grrrr!

  6. Lol, well done =p

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