A Plague Tale: Innocence

The Newest A Plague Tale: Innocence Screenshots Paint a Pastoral Medieval Picture

A Plague Tale: Innocence, the upcoming action-adventure by Asobo Studio, has released a batch of new screenshots, which paint a brutal pastoral picture of medieval life.

The screens, embedded below, were originally shared on the game’s Twitter. They show the game’s two central protagonists, Amicia and Hugo, at different stages of their journey:

For those unfamiliar with A Plague Tale, the project is set in medieval France in the midst of war. The war has brought about a mysterious Black Plague-like pandemic, carried by rats. So far, the rats seem to be the main enemy type in-game, causing players to flee and evade swarms of them.

Interestingly, as seen in one of the above screenshots, the rats react to light, which allows players to fend them off or travel through them. Gameplay-wise, the game has invited parallels to the Resident Evil franchise.

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