The recent announcement of the Total War Saga spin-off series is exciting, but the details regarding the new projects could be hinting at something dangerously frustrating.

Similar to ‘Fall of the Samurai,’ a standalone expansion for Total War: Shogun 2, A Total War Saga will be a series of games that focus on a certain event or region within the greater conflict of a Total War era. The first Saga will focus on a region from Total War: Rome II and Attila. While the game promises to deliver hundreds or thousands of hours’ worth of content, as well as the potential for multiple playable factions, the spin-off taking place within a region from Attila warrants a bit of hesitation.

Total War: Attila, released in February 2015, holds true to Creative Assembly’s in-depth strategic gameplay of previous Total War titles. However, a point of contention for many fans of the series was that the game was created to run on graphics cards that had, and have, not yet been created. The game’s extreme graphics setting could not run smoothly on even the highest quality graphics cards and processors, leading to some frustration among those fans that love to run these popular RTS titles on the highest settings for the most immersive experience. If A Total War Saga is to follow in Attila’s footsteps, fans could find themselves experiencing a similar amount of frustration with the game’s graphics engine, unless Creative Assembly decides to craft the game around modern video cards.

As details continue to surface regarding A Total War Saga, perhaps Creative Assembly will make clear whether or not this potential issue will cause the same headache as Total War: Attila.

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Dylan Warman

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