Action RPG Vampyr Up to 30 Hours Long

Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed the length of its action role-playing game Vampyr.

In a Reddit AMA session, game director Philippe Moreau stated that the game will take “15 to 30 hours depending on your playstyle.” Community manager Toby Palm elaborated, stating that “if you choose to be picky with who you feed on, and delve into the side content, you will have a far lengthier experience.”

Players have a significant amount of freedom in the game, as narrative director Stephane Beauverger stated:

 In Vampyr, there is an inevitable amount of violence […] but, when it comes to the level of violence [protagonist Jonathan Reid] wants to inflict to the world, the player is free to take the lives of all the Citizens in the game (there are 60 of them), or try to spare them all. It’s up to you, really.

The developer also confirmed that the game does not feature a New Game Plus mode.

OnlySP’s Damien Lawardorn described Vampyr as “enjoyable and engaging,” but noted that “the apparent lack of courage in the strength of its more unusual ideas is slightly disheartening.”

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