Indie developer Afterburner Studios has released a teaser trailer for its debut game Dreamscaper.

Whilst the game is yet to receive a release date, Afterburner Studios has credited fan input throughout pre-alpha play tests.

The team claims that it was inspired by some of its members’ favorite games and describes Dreamscaper as “[a] fluid, action-packed, RPG Rogue-lite—every slumber is a different dungeon and you must unlock the powers of your dreams to fend off nightmares and see a new day.”

Without giving away any spoilers, a lucid dreamer (Cassidy) must battle their nightmares to save their soul. Every slumber is a different dungeon in this ARPG roguelite. Cassidy has to discover various keys throughout her dreams to acquire new and upgraded items and abilities that are locked away.

The teaser celebrates all the work done over the last year. Moreover, the footage demonstrates a positive model for interactions between developer and fans. Afterburner Studios has repeatedly engaged with fans on Twitter asking them to come up names for characters for its first indie title.

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Steve Carman
Steve's two passions are journalism and gaming, and he enjoys playing Indies, RPG, and Action/Adventure games on PC and consoles. He can also often be found sharing his views on the industry @stevecgames.

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