Alien: Isolation is only a few more weeks away from release and we’re priming ourselves for a very intense and stressful reviewing period with it. Thankfully, we now have an idea of how long we’ll have to endure the horrors that The Creative Assembly has prepared for us.

A few weeks ago, there was a news post released online that stated that Alien: Isolation would be around 25 hours long based on some weird math calculation that was passed off as official details. Thankfully, that is incorrect as horror games can quickly stagnate if they go on for too long.

In an interview with Gamingbolt, Gary Napper of The Creative Assesmbly discussed how long it should take players to complete Alien: Isolation saying, “The play-time for the game is kind of tricky. Because of the systematic AI and because of the fact that so many different things can happen. You can have some players that will play for a long time and never seen the alien. Other players will have deadly stand-offs and die a few times and maybe some humans might appear or androids. So, we see massively varied game-times from this way. But we are kind of aiming for a 12-15 hour campaign.”

As noted by Napper, it’s hard to mark down playtimes for horror games as some players will get stuck at certain points, or be extra cautious to avoid having to change their pants every half ‘n’ hour. But, 12-15 hours for a horror game is usually the sweet spot as long as the developers can keep the horror fresh. Napper compared Isolation to the original Dead Space in the interview, and that’s definitely something to note.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest on Alien: Isolation and a review once it becomes available so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest.

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  1. Seems to be par for Alien games they never turn out to be what they say they are going to be, At this point Im not sure why anyone spend their money for a IP that has not made a good game in over a decade. To each their own I guess hope for their sake it turns out better the Aliens CM.

    1. You would might spend money because it is a different developer, different publisher, and an original story in a compelling universe. I will wait for reviews – maybe it will be worth buying.

      1. Isolation is well hyped…. But the gameplay preview doesn’t look quite right to me. The static backgrounds look great but the character models don’t seem to be right. I will also wait for a few reviews but I anticipate that the overall theme will be nice idea not quite implemented

      2. No wont spend money on the IP at all no matter who the Developer is.

        1. Well, obviously you are wrong because someone did do just that.

        2. Why wouldn’t you just wait to see reviews, to see if the game was worthwhile..?

          Unless you’re talking about pre-ordering, in which case I always recommend against it.

      3. Review are out game sucks see I was right thats why I dont waste money on the crap IP.

        1. Incorrect, but I don’t expect someone who appears to be in love with their own opinion to change their mind. The reviews I have seen are anywhere from Good – Fair with a few Mediocre.

          1. Ign, gamespot, poly all say other wise dont really care what third rate sites you are going by. The big three are what most people go by and their reviews are not good. Also the people I have talked to that have the game all say the ending is so bad it ruins the whole game by it self.

          2. Whatever it makes you comfortable to believe – go for it.

          3. Kinda of what I would say to you

          4. Great minds think alike.

          5. what a tard

  2. Simon Pegg approved:

    But I’m cautiously optimistic just because the last game for the Alien franchise bombed hard.

  3. “Thankfully, that is incorrect as horror games can quickly stagnate if they go on for too long.” Lmfao, what? I don’t what a short game just because the developer isn’t confident enough to keep going. Long games can remain interesting throughout the entire experience.

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