Fair Weather Studios has released the official launch trailer for its upcoming sci-fi turn-based strategy title, Ancient Frontier.

Ancient Frontier expands the setting and continues the story of Fair Weather’s debut title, Bladestar. For seventeen years, the Frontier has seen peace. Alliance colonists and miners live under the rule of Mars and the Federation, but rising tensions fill the air with conflict. Ruthless corporations and other factions move, seeking strategic resources so they can expand their territories. Two fully voiced, story-driven campaigns with over four hours of audio wait for gamers who seek immersion in Ancient Frontier‘s narrative.

With over 35 ships from which to build their fleets, gamers can face down raiders, defeat corporate armies, and encounter alien life forms. Two major factions and three sub-factions will be available for play on large maps detailing the depths of space. Extensive tech trees offer customization according to playstyle, and players may scavenge for resources, spending them on new ships and upgrades.

RPG elements within the game include an experience progression system for ships. In a unique twist, Ancient Frontier encourages careful strategizing through a permanent death mechanic in which ships destroyed are gone forever, so players should choose their upgrades wisely.

Fair Weather Studios is a small, two-man development studio based in the US. For over 17 years, the Fair Weather team has been creating projects together. Its debut title as a studio, the sci-fi action shooter Bladestar, saw release in the summer of 2016.

OnlySP has previously reported on Ancient Frontier’s release date, noting the game is set to hit Steam on September 21.

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Jennifer Anderson
Also known as Twist, Jennifer is a gamer, author, and digital artist who spent the early days of her childhood beating her stepfather's friends at Space Invaders and Pole Position on a beat-up Atari console, after which they would promptly complain to her mother. Now a competitive Diablo 3 player, she splits her time between writing, loving her dog Emmie, and putting her monk through nephalem rifts in a quest for the top spot on the seasonal leaderboards.

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