Dead Space 3 Micro

EA must be kicking themselves in the heels, after introducing their microtransaction system, only to have it broken apart by experimental gamers. There’s a platter of glitches and exploits already circulating the web allowing gamers access to infinite resources, thereby making EA’s microtransactions pointless, but here at OnlySP, we believe we’ve found another one.

The glitch takes place in Chapter 14, after visiting Ellie to collect a keycard. By continuing the save from this point, you’ll have access to two lockers. Open them up, collect the items, and then save your game and quit. Reload your save, and the lockers will be restocked, with their resources fresh for the taking once more. This can be repeated infinitely, satiating any loot hoarder’s needs.

Make sure to check out our video before explaining the process, and let us know if you find any more. Make sure to take advantage of this while you still can, it’s unlikely EA will allow such thievery to continue for long…

Daniel Martyniuk
Editor for Only Single Player - Daniel likes Single Player experiences so much, he once locked himself in his room for a year without food or water to pay homage to the solo adventure. Now back from the dead, Daniel can often be found perusing over the latest developments within the industry, whilst celebrating after successfuly completing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Classic Ironman. Suck on that aliens! You can also follow and harrass me on Twitter @DanMightyNuke. Let me know what you think of the solo experience!

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