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Anthem Will Not Have AI Teammates, Features Colorblind Mode

Mark Darrah, executive producer for BioWare’s Anthem, has taken to Twitter to answer questions about the game.

Anthem will not have any AI teammates, not because the team is trying to force players into multiplayer, but due to technical issues; the game’s traversal and verticality make have left the team unable to include teammates.

One of the major aspects of Anthem is the hubs that are essential to the storytelling, as they let the player make choices for the branching story. Dialogue choices will be simpler this time when compared to previous BioWare games. The hubs also contrast against the open world, being tight and claustrophobic meaning that these portions of the game will be from a first-person perspective, but relatively quick. The story will revolve around the player, so these centers help keep other players and “awkward randos” out of the background. Furthermore, Darrah promises that no missions will need to be multiplayer.

Anthem will not have a season pass, yet will include post game content that will expand on the story and game spaces that will be free for all players. Meanwhile, anything the player purchases will be known in advance, with microtransactions being entirely cosmetic. The game will be complete at launch, and players will not need expansions to enjoy the full story.

One key gameplay component is the open world where players can fly around and explore its mysteries. While in the world, the player can find history and lore  that will be saved in a codex-like menu. Players will need to be careful when traversing the environment because the javelins will need to cool down and can not fly forever.

Along with lore, the player will find more gear and loot; these drops correspond to the freelancer’s level and not the javelins‘, making for constant progression. Developers are still balancing drop rates, but players can look forward to five or six rarity levels in Anthem.

Anthem will come with a basic character creator, though most of the developers’ efforts have gone into the javelin customization. Being able to customize the look of the suit is independent to the gear, meaning players can make their character look however they want and still have any gear or weapons. Anthem will also launch with a colorblind mode, which is a pleasing addition.

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