Our reliance on computers for both work and play has given us an entirely new perspective on entertainment and how we utilize it. Online gaming has positioned itself as one significant facet of our online entertainment, displaying incredible growth over the last decade. With the advent of single player and multiplayer game modes taking the online world by storm, fans of gaming can now choose their preferred mode and entertainment environment. In turn, according to tech gurus and fanatics of gaming alike, trends point to single player games quickly taking precedence in the online space.

What are Single Player Games and Multiplayer Games?

Single player video games are those that can only be played by one single person at a time. “Single player mode” usually refers to games that are specifically designed for single players, although, they often do have “multiplayer mode” options available as well. Unlike multiplayer games, these require little to no bandwidth, making them easily downloadable and streamable in almost all cases.

Multiplayer games consist of a type of gameplay where multiple gamers can play within the same environment and at the same time. Gamers can play on “multiplayer mode” either cooperatively, as a team, or competitively, against each other. Typically, multiplayer games require gamers to share a game system or play together via a networking technology like, the internet. Typically, multiplayer games take up a significant amount of bandwidth as they require connectivity with other players.

What Kinds of Games Do Each Offer?

Single player games are available with a variety of concepts and multiple options, tailoring to the needs of any player with certain preferences. Themes from action-adventure, space, survival, horror, stealth, sports, first person shooters and, casino games like bingo, among other options, are all accessible to fans of the single mode option.

Some of the industry’s top single player games include:

*Assassin’s Creed – https://assassinscreed.ubi.com/en-gb/home/

*Skyrim – https://www.elderscrolls.com/

*Dragon’s Inquisition – https://www.dragonage.com/en_US/home

*Shadows of Mordor – https://www.shadowofmordor.com/

* Popular bingo games – https://www.cheersbingo.com/



Skyrim has been established as one of the most popular single player games of all-time

Multiplayer games are slightly more limited in their options, due to their reliance on multiple players participating simultaneously. Unlike single player games, these entail a considerable more elaborate mode and technical system, able to support themes and a gameplay on a highly sophisticated level and thus, eliminating some options that those who enjoy single player games can enjoy. Multiplayer games are usually tailored around sporting themes, racing concepts, shooter themes, warzones and, other group scenarios, which also narrows the portfolio of games available to those who prefer these, quite drastically. Some of the most popular multiplayer games include League of Legends (see Image 2), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Roulette games on casino sites and, many more similar concepts.

Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games

Fans of multiplayer games enjoy the competitive and cooperative aspects of games like the well-known, League of Legends.

The Debate: Which is Better?

The social aspect of multiplayer games is their main point of attraction for players. By enabling comradery among online gamers, individuals meet and learn how to leverage their own skills for the benefit of the team. In the case of competitive multiplayer gaming, players seem to thrive off of the general sense of accomplishment, knowing that their skills outmatch other gaming savants. Additionally, players enjoy the aspect of the game which allows them the opportunity to experience a sort of “chosen one” life, where they are at the helm of a world confiding in their skill and know-how to move forward.

Multiplayer games make it difficult for gamers to experience this, as they tend to compete with many other “chosen ones” at once. Many state this to be a point of annoyance and frustration. The nuances of the game often get lost when players start competing heavily, shouting at each other and sabotaging their strategy for the sake of it. Further, multiplayer modes are generally more sophisticated for developers to program and thus, are somewhat arduous when it comes to tweaking code and can be slightly glitchy, at times. Gamers are more likely to experience grieving in a multiplayer setting as well, which entails players using aspects of the game in unintended ways in order to harass and irritate other players involved.

The narrative, conflicts and stories in single player games are all computerized which gives players an additional take on gaming that’s lacking in multiplayer games. Because single player games cannot rely on social interaction and team rapports to keep environments exciting, they are primarily known for their storytelling and sophisticated graphics. Humans are unpredictable, and so is their behavior, so games cannot rely on them to carry a game in the right direction or elaborate on a particular narrative.

In essence, most single player games are known for their compelling stories. It’s also noted that single player games give individuals the ability to make autonomous decisions. Players are given reign to control the destinies of other worlds, stop wars and even decide on how to best spend their bets in autonomous casino games like bingo, which offers a sense of full authority over the experience that is otherwise lost in multiplayer settings. Studies have shown that single player games, for many regular gamers, increase confidence due to autonomous play and forced decision making to maintain strategy. Further, for individuals with specific mindsets, strategies and preferences, single player games allows them to freedom to play at whim which adds a sense of adventure.

Gamers have a multitude of factors to consider when deciding which online games to commit to. The defining elements segmenting the portfolio of online games are whether they function on a multiplayer mode or single player mode. Unlike most games, both types offer significantly different experiences, leading to heated discussions in the gaming world. However, with their vast variety of options, compelling storytelling, premium autonomous decision-making experience and, great reviews, single player games seem to win this debate, hands down.

Top 5 Multiplayer Only Games Which Would Make Good Single Player Games

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