Prey 2 has been in development limbo since 2011 when Human Head Studios and Bethesda parted ways, leaving the project to an unknown future. Rumors today are circulating by Kotaku that the developers behind Dishonored, Arkane Studios, have been placed at the helm of the project by Bethesda.

The developer is apparently rebooting the project, building it from the ground up. Tipsters have also let Kotaku known that Arkane isn’t particularly happy about working on the project as Bethesda has been trying for a few months to convince the team to work on it, but finally forced their hand on the matter.

Whether or not these rumors are true is not known. Bethesda is obviously keeping quiet on the matter, refusing to comment on rumors or speculation. If these rumors are true, the game is now looking at a 2016 release.

Don’t lose hopes for a Dishonored 2 however. Arkane has two development studios. One in Austin, Texas and the other in Lyon, France. Check back soon for more news on Prey 2 as it comes in!

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