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Upcoming Arkane Studios Projects Targeting Next-Generation Release



Prey (Arkane Studios)

Arkane Studios’s publisher, ZeniMax Studios, has hinted that the developer has a big project in the pipeline targeting a next-generation release.

A series of job listings, namely for an animator, environment artist, gameplay engineer, and level architect, all allude to Arkane currently developing a major project. The most revelatory listing is for an environment artist, which states that the developer are seeking a candidate to “join [Arkane] in creating AAA games for PC and next-generation console systems.”

The next genertation, despite all the rumours and leaks, is still a way off, so the potential project is likely in its primordial stages. However, with the Prey tease that the studio tweeted out, as well as the impressive turnaround of the studio in general, fans should get excited for all the implications that come with these job listings.

Some other illustrative nuggets of information comes in the other listings too, including an animator who specialises in “high quality realistic/stylized realism animations utilizing hand key animation,” with the level architect responsible for “designing and building a FPS level and maintaining it until release.”

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Pokémon Developer Game Freak Emphasizes Original Game Creation




Game Freak, best known for the Pokémon franchise, is starting to emphasize and prioritize original game creation.

In an interview with Video Game Chronicle, Masayuki Onoue, a director at Game Freak, says that the company has launched Gear Project, an initiative in which developers pitch ideas during slower periods between big releases to create more original games other than just Pokémon.

Onoue also spoke about Production Team 1 and Team 2 at Game Freak, the first prioritizing Gear Project for the company as a whole and the second focusing on Pokemon. He noted that Gear Project allows the developers to gain more experience working on different platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, as well as transferring new skills and techniques they learned back to the Pokémon team.

Some of the games that Game Freak has released so far through Gear Project are HarmoKnight, Pocket Card Jockey, Tembo the Badass Elephant, and Giga Wrecker. Game Freak is also developing Town, an RPG game that was shown off in a Nintendo Direct back in September 2018 and is due out this year.

Additionally, Game Freak is working on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, the latest entries in Nintendo’s flagship franchise. Both of those are set to release later this year.

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