Ashes of Oahu

Ashes of Oahu is the Redesigned Hawaiian Open-World Shooter RPG Nightmarchers

Following a year of silence, Wyrmbyte has provided a first look at the retooled version of its Hawaiian RPG Nightmarchers, which is now called Ashes of Oahu.

One of the key changes to the game is the shrinking of the playspace. Previously, Wyrmbyte had endeavoured to create a 1:1 representation of Oahu, though the new version reduces the island’s area to 25km2.

The move away from recreation extends to the gods in the game, which no longer take their names from those used by Hawaiian natives.

Another major change comes to the art style, which has been adapted from realism to one inspired by comic books. The developer claims that this alteration came from a desire to reflect the fictional nature of the story.

In other ways, Ashes of Oahu is an extension of the original vision. Over 75,000 lines of dialogue will be present, alongside four factions, and the player’s choices can lead to more than 100 ending combinations.

However, the key features of transformation into a bird and eagle, as well as the magical mod system for weapons, are still included.

Ashes of Oahu is now scheduled for release in the northern hemisphere’s spring. As Nightmarchers, the game was confirmed for release only on PC.

More information about that earlier incarnation is available in OnlySP’s interview with director Scott Brown.

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