Some new details on Assassin’s Creed: Unity has been revealed through a new developer interview with GeekyCastillo.

According to the developer interview, the game’s main storyline will take the average player around 15-20 hours to complete. To fully complete the game in its entirety, however, which means completing all the side missions, finding collectibles and completing other activities, it will take players around 100 hours.

Some other information that came out of the interview was the fact that Unity will have no load times between cutscenes and game play, which is a first for the series. Whether or not the game will have a long load up time at the start of the game like Black Flag did remains to be seen.

We’ll keep our eyes out for more details on Assassin’s Creed: Unity as Gamescom approaches so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest information.

You can checkout the full interview by following this link.



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  1. Playing Black Flag now. Very underwhelmed. Same game as AC 1 but the AI is some of the worse I have seen. Same meaningless repetitive collect the item sub tasks. The free running feels worse than ever and the crafting system is lifted directly from Far Cry 3 (which was poor). Will probably not even bother with the next installment.

    1. cant say watchdogs is better, same idea same scripts, ubisoft games are basicly the same they reuse the same gameplay scripts.

      1. I haven’t bothered with Watch Dogs for that reason. The early trailers looked stunning but the final game (and reviews) paint a very generic picture.

        1. The graphics are a huge step down, infact the pistols dont even have firing animations, the slide doesnt move back and you dont see empty shells poping out, those things were there in e3, but they removed it.

          The trash that ubisoft has said about this game are beyond unreal. How its lead on pc, when it doesnt control or run like a pc game, how the delay allowed them to add all the things they wanted in the game, yet it feels like an incomplete game, how they removed the graphics effects for perfomance issues but onle unlocked on inis the game runs the same as before, its ridduclus really.

          Its a fun game for a while, after that it gets really really repettive and its not nowhere near as good as they hyped it to be.

          1. I am not sure why so many games are getting glossy trailers and then an inferior final product. Colonial Marines was another example.

            I assume its where a pre-beta product is professionally finished for a trailer, but then the finished shipped project isn’t finished to the same standards. Perhaps multi-platform limitations also plays a part (developers don’t want to gamers to think that their platform is being neglected)

            Prototype/Just Cause 2/Sleeping Dogs/Crackdown are all similar openworld games that are very limited. Collect the icons, no open buildings. Lots of meaningless driving that creates a larger game.

          2. From what i heard colonial marines was done on a pc and the ps3 version was well out of memory. So they had to take it down a notch.

          3. Well believe it.. PCs are often used for development and PC techonology advances far fast than the static console version.

  2. 20 hour story, probably another 10 to 15 for side missions/activites and 60+ hours collecting pointless shit, Ubi love their game padding, all filler no killer!

  3. download pc games repack

  4. Judging by the extra crap that they ignored in the E3 gameplay, it sems to me this will have alot of filler repettive crap.

  5. Wow u guys really hate ubisoft lol

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