A new trailer showing the gameplay of Hollow Knight has been released.

Hollow Knight, developed by Team Cherry, is a 2D atmospheric platformer inspired by titles like Zelda 2, Metroid and Faxanadu. You must explore a kingdom’s ruins to help solve an ancient mystery within it’s depths while fighting the cruel creatures that stumble around deep inside.

While trying at first, you will eventually gain access to abilities that will help you on your journey such as being able to dash suddenly, to unleash a ball of energy around yourself and even invade the dreams of your friends and foes to discover their fears and desires.

The game was on Kickstarter back in November 2014 where it raised $57,138 AUD ($42,682.21 USD), sailing over the funding goal of $35,000 AUD. Hollow Knight will be released this year for PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U.

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