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Most Wanted Next-Gen: Mafia III

Daniel Martyniuk
When Mafia released back in 2002 on PC, it set a benchmark for open world sandbox video games. Not in terms of gameplay, or entertainment

Crytek Tease Huge Crysis 3 Announcement – Top 5 Predictions

Daniel Martyniuk
Crytek, the masterminds behind the Crysis franchise, and creators of one of the most powerful graphics engine ever witnessed, have taken to Twitter to tease
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Most Anticipated: Beyond: Two Souls

Daniel Martyniuk
Today marks the second analysis of my three most anticipated games of 2013. Last week, I gave my reasons for why Dead Space 3 should
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Updated: Star Wars 1313 Still Not Confirmed for 2013

Daniel Martyniuk
  UPDATE: SONY PLAYSTATION DE HAVE REMOVED FACEBOOK POST : Well, that didn’t take long. Sony Playstation DE have immediately backtracked on their initial posting,
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Most Anticipated: Dead Space 3

Daniel Martyniuk
This month, Only Single Player will be giving you a daily feature, whereby each writer will explain one of their three games chosen as most

Video Game Addiction: A Modern Pandemic?

Daniel Martyniuk
Whenever video games and addiction are discussed in the same sentence, images of sweaty acne-ridden teenagers hunkered over cluttered desks shrouded in darkness come to