Award Winning Fan Film of Tomb Raider, Croft, Gets Trailer and Release Date

2013’s Tomb Raider re imagining from Crystal Dynamics has received a non-profit fan film treatment. Today, CanCinema, the makers of Croft, have released a trailer and revealed the release date of December 25th 2013.

As a non-profit project, the special effects and action set pieces of the trailer look highly impressive and the acting also seems top notch. Croft also won numerous awards including Best Director, Best Short Action Film, and Female Action Performer during the Action on Film fest and Best Action Short at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

With this fan film, Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition and the sequel to the game coming very soon, the series seems to be back in form for both the fans’ and developers’ eyes.


Fan films over the past few years have become extremely popular on YouTube with Dan Trachtenberg’s Portal: No Escape (over 13 million views), Blue Core Studio’s Sonic (over 2 million views) and Wayside Creations’ Fallout: Nuka Break (over 2 million views).

Croft will release on YouTube on December 25th of this year.

Which game series would you like to see receive the fan film treatment next? Personally, I would love to see the Kingdom Hearts or Uncharted series of games make the jump to live action.

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