Away: The Survival Series Adds New Playable Animals to Mark Start of Crowdfunding

Away: The Survival Series

To celebrate the launch of its crowdfunding efforts, Breaking Walls has released a new trailer showing off an expansion of the earlier gameplay for Away: The Survival Series.

While much of the new footage focuses on the sugar glider, some of the new playable animals featured are a lizard, spider, wolf, and crab.

The studio’s head of growth, André-Paul Johnson, also suggested that more than just the animals in the trailer will be playable. He added that “from tiny insects to large mammals, each animal has its own unique traits and attributes.”

The new footage comes alongside the game’s Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise CAD$60,000 across the next 30 days. At the time of writing, the team had raised almost half that goal after only a few hours. Day one backers will also gain access to three other animal-focused games, Shelter 2, The First Tree, and Niche.

Away: The Survival Series first came to the attention of many during one of Sony’s State of Play presentations earlier this year, it will also be available on PC. Breaking Walls is currently targeting a Q1 2020 release for the project.

For anyone unfamiliar, the game casts players as a sugar glider in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic future. The goal is to save the small creature’s family, though the path to doing so is strewn with predators and myriad other threats.

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