We’ve been wondering when a team of developers would bring World War 2 over to the next-generation of consoles for quite a while now. Just a few days ago, a new World War 2 FPS was announced by the team at Bulkhead Interactive. The project headed to Kickstarter and has already been funded within the first three days of the campaign.

I had no doubt in my mind that Battalion 1944 would be funded. People have been clamoring for a new World War 2 game since the start of this generation. The market is currently flooded with futuristic first person shooters, just as the market was flooded during the last generation of consoles with modern shooters. Since it’s been so long since we’ve had a proper World War II shooter and a quick Google search shows that people are definitely clamoring for one, I’m surprised it has taken this long for a developer to jump back into the setting

Battalion 1944 has blown past its original funding goal of $140,000 and is currently on track to surpass $200,000 within the next day or two if contributions keep up. There’s one worrying sign about the game though…no single player. Of course we’re biased here to the fact at OnlySP, but if you’ve been keeping up with industry trends of late, multiplayer-only experiences don’t tend to do so hot. There’s some outliers, but many multiplayer only experiences tend to be void of content, or players tend to get bored with them rather quickly and move onto the next best thing. Just look at Titanfall and Evolve: both great games in theory, but their lack of content forced players to look elsewhere shortly after release.

With Bulkhead’s limited budget, it’s clear why they’re not including a single player campaign as of yet, and I don’t know what their plans are for stretch goals, but I certainly believe a single player campaign being included in the game would blow interest through the roof.

Even if Bulkhead chooses not to include a single player campaign in Battalion 1944, the Kickstarter campaign for the game has shown that there’s immense interest for new World War 2 centric game. With the amount of developers currently breaking into the industry, I have no doubt that this game will inspire more developers to start exploring World War 2 and other overlooked periods in history again in an attempt to tap a market that has been relatively dormant for the better part of five plus years.

Do you think Battalion 1944 has opened a door for other developers to start looking into single player World War 2 experiences again? Let us know in the comments section! And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) for all your single player needs.

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Nick Calandra
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