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Batman Possibly Breaks His One and Only Rule in this Hilarious Video



Batman’s “one rule” is often the topic of a great amount of debate. Is he really a hero if he refuses to take the most dramatic step to truly cleaning up the streets of Gotham by killing those who are slowly and chronically eating away at the city from the inside out? Are all the lives that villains like the Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, and the Riddler (ok, maybe not Riddler) took on Batman’s hands as much as theirs? Or would Batman be becoming the thing that he most hates by taking that dramatic step?

Who cares? Here’s a funny GIF of Batman literally pile-driving someone off of a building.

Seriously Bats, if you’re going to break your “one and only rule,” you might think about aiming a little higher than some random thug wandering around on a roof.

Oh wait, I forgot, Batman doesn’t actually kill anyone in the Arkham games. They’re all just knocked out.

In any case, glitches can ruin a gaming experience (ask anyone who purchased the abysmal PC port of Arkham Knight before it was removed from steam) but it’s kind of fun to get the really bizarre and non game-breaking ones (ask anyone who purchased Skyrim). I think most of the Arkham Knight PC players would be happy if this was the worst they had to contend with, though…

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Supergiant Creative Director on Hades: “We’re Treating Early Access Almost Like a Serial TV Series”



Athene in Hades

Hades was Supergiant Games‘ first experience with Early Access, which has been a massive success and has helped shape the game for nearly a year.

In an interview with OnlySP, Greg Kasavin, creative director at Supergiant, stated that Hades was designed around the entire concept of an Early Access release so that “it could be modular—starting small, and getting bigger over time.”

Not only is Hades the first game in Supergiant’s collection that has gone through an Early Access phase, but, according to Kasavin, it is potentially the only one that could have benefited from it.

“I don’t think Early Access would have worked at all for our previous games. Take Transistor, for example. It’s a game most players finish in less than eight hours. It took us three years, getting the design and narrative and look to be just right. The game was not worth playing before it was done. If everyone basically knew what happened in the story all throughout development, and had experienced low-quality versions of key story moments dozens of times, its launch would have fallen completely flat,” Kasavin said.

When asked why anyone should consider purchasing Hades before its official release, Kasavin compared Hades to a TV series. “You can wait until it’s complete, see what critics and everyone are saying, and then binge on the whole thing if you hear good things. But, there’s a real pleasure in experiencing it as it unfolds.”

“Since we’re weaving narrative through the entire experience, we’re treating Early Access almost like a serial TV series.”

Hades‘ ‘Big Bad Update’ shipped on August 6, adding the Temple of Styx, the game’s fourth major biome, as well as its final battle. Hades is not done, though, as Kasavin suggests Supergiant is “now in a really good position to look at the game more holistically and continue making big improvements across the board.”

OnlySP’s full interview discussing Hades with Greg Kasavin will be published in the coming days, so keep an eye out!

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