Battle Against a Living God in JRPG-Inspired Indie Project, Witch

Dallas-based indie developer Heartstrings Studios has revealed the debut teaser trailer for its JRPG-inspired game Witch.

The trailer (embedded below) provides only a brief glimpse at the project, but an accompanying post on IndieDB provides plenty of details about the gameplay and ambitions.

Witch takes place in a fantasy setting ruled over by a powerful being known as Alecian, who is believed to be a living god thanks to his unnaturally long life and the myth that he brought magic to the world. While the populace widely considers Alecian to be a kindly figure, he has grown tyrannical, attempting to exterminate witches and wizards.

Players take the role of Vythica, a high-ranking commander in Alecian’s army who was forced to unveil her mastery of magic and immediately fled to avoid being killed.

The game features a party-based combat system, but deviates from its forebears in having all of the possible party members as magic users; even the likes of engineers and knights have been adapted to emphasise their control of magic. However, players will have considerable freedom in their ability to form a party thanks to a city-building mechanic that will attract all manner of NPCs to Vythica’s sanctuary.

One other unique element of the game is the way that it overlays 2D sprites atop 3D backgrounds, blending classic and modern aesthetics into what aims to be a cohesive whole.

Witch is current in early alpha and, therefore, without a target release window.

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