Former Vigil Games developers, those behind the Darksiders series, have announced a new 3D isometric RPG for Kickstarter by the name of Battle Chasers: Night War.

Joe Madureira and Ryan Stefanelli were the co-founders of Vigil Games which folded alongside THQ in 2013, and they came together to form Airship Syndicate, the developer of Battle Chasers.

The game is based on the fantasy comic book of the same name which originally launched in 1998. The scope of the project will be determined by the funds they achieve through Kickstarter backers.

The gameplay concept of Battle Chasers will be the following:

A slice of combat, exploration and story that sets the tone for what the team will build next. There are three basic modes. There’s an overworld, just like in old-school JRPGs, where you walk around and explore the landscape. Within that, there are dungeons that you find and enter. And in both areas, there are roaming monsters to fight, which bring you and your party of three into the turn-based battle screen.

The official website for Battle Chasers can be found here, and the Kickstarter campaign will launch in six days.

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Source: Polygon

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